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I'm writing my OoTP review, but I'm rather lazy. Will post it soon:)

I have fallen in love with two sites, and Zamzar:) I'm completely un-able to watch youtube videos, as I'm un-able to download flash-player, but with the URL option at Zamzar, I can download the most interesting ones:) And I've found many awesome, dead fics from archive:)

Me and my mother just came back from a little trip to Lillehammer, where we met some friends of the family (who is my sort-of-aunt with her daughter and husband. My mother's old best friend:) We had fun in Hunderfossen and Lilleputthammer. Lilleputthammer in a miniature version of the main-street in Lillehammer from 1920 or something like that. I ended up in a little library, where I managed to read out one whole book in just a few hours. The Cage, by Roy Brown. It was great, but with a surprising ending. This is the first time I've been on a holiday with only my mum.

And I have found the most amazing Les Mis fic. Only, it has got  about nothing to do with Les Mis! It's in a fantasy-setting (some popular roleplaying game, but I'm not familiar with it), a very interesting world, and it's amazing! The main-characters are called Grantaire (a thief), Enjolras (a knight who supposedly shall be the new king) and Felix (a cranky priest, who's good at the bottom). It also features a kid called Perry, who is a bit like Gavroche. Grantaire and Enjolras do not have much in common with their Les Mis counterparts, exept that Enjolras is a saint, who change Grantaire's life. You really should read this one, at least if your a fan of fantasy:) It's not slash either. Thief by Knight, by Temmer Wadsworth Longfellow. I also love the Bard Tale Founding of the Paragons. Enjolras and the Fiend are also good, but I think I've read it before.

I love Elisabeth the musical!


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