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Happy Birthday [personal profile] duva! Hope you have a great day:)

We had our pictures taken at school today. And since we'll graduate this year, we had to take portrait-pictures too. I think it was a good picture, but since I dressed up nicely in very thin clothes, I'm freezing. I'll have to change in a few minutes.

I'm speed-reading the His Dark Materials trilogy. When I first saw the movie-trailer, I though, this story does not seem familiar. A polar bear?  But at the same time, I felt sure I had read something called His Dark Materials too. Turns out I've already read the two first, but not the third. So far I prefer the third one, 'cause Baltamos is dear:) Lyra scares me, and there's no way I can believe Matt is 12. I understand he had to grow up fast, but it's still impossible. It's a quite good story, but very childishly written. My biggest problem with it is the translation. The translator is Torstein Bugge Høverstad, same man who translated LotR and Harry Potter. He did a great job with LotR, but I would have preferred to keep the English names in HP. Here....It's a children book, I get it. Doesn't mean he has to break basic norwegian grammar rules. A ten year old might get away with writing...oh, I don't remember what it was. It was bad, and it wasn't even something one of the kids said:(

This thursday I'll start playing piano again! I learned a bit when I was 8, but I quit after half a year. Ever since I bought the Les Mis Piano selections in february, I've played every day.) I'm looking forward to it, it has been ages since I took part in any kind of organized activity. And I'd really like being able to play with my left hand too.


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