Mar. 10th, 2008 07:04 pm
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I had a lovely time in London, even if it didn't start out so well. Dad and I left for Sandefjord already on sunday, but after taking the ferry to Horten, we waited for a bus which never arrived for two full hours. It was freezing, but luckily a drunk man who also waited provided some amusement. In the end, we took the next bus to Tønsberg, and then the train to Sandefjord. We arrived to a big room in a lovely hotel, I ate a package of crisps, and promptly threw up. Then the next morning I almost blacked out in the bathroom, but managed to pull myself together. We didn't have any delays at the airport (must be a first!).

Our hotel room in London was...not very accommodating. It was tiny, and the hotel had no service at all. It was also rather far from everything, it was located somewhere in the middle between Basewater and Queensway station (we had to walk an eternity to get to either of them, it seemed)

I managed to give you the wrong dates; I went to Les Mis monday (Joel Elferink as Marius, Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Lord of the Rings tuesday (Stuart Neal as Frodo, Ben Evans as Merry+ understudy Elranien and Steward), Les Mis wednesday (me alone. Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Phantom of the Opera thursday (Nic Greenshields as Phantom, Leila Benn Harris as Christine, and John Addison as Raoul), and once again Les Mis friday (me alone. Roy Litvin still as Thénardier. I think I'm destined to never see Chris Vincent, as he was away last year too). While I was away wednesday and friday, Dad went to see Mamma Mia (finally! End he really enjoyed it....I don't get how from what I've heard of the plot) and We Will Rock You (he thought that had a really lame plot). And  his favourite musical actually is Les Mis, not PotO.
Lovely seats for monday, middle of row 3 in the stalls/orchestra, then on wednesday I moved one seat to the left. We had row seven or so for LotR, to the far left in the Upper circle for PotO, and a rather crappy seat in the upper circle for Les Mis friday.

We didn't really do much else than watch musicals, except we checked out Canary Wharf (that was totally my idea. Anyone who can guess why?;)). Nice area. And that train was just cute:) The same cannot be said about Greenwich, which seemed to consist of ready-to-fall-down houses and wineshops.

I bought a lot of books, a few I've wanted quite a while. I bough a "Prima Donna" t-shirt at the Her Majesty's Theatre, and a brown jacked (to be worn inside) from Zara. I'm very fond of that already:) We also ran around looking for shoes, but as always, one can't say I was enthusiastic. No shoes for me:(

I do have lots of comments to make about the musicals, and I intended to include them here, but Dad hijacked the computer:( I'll post it sometime this week (I'll have to. We're leaving for France this friday/saturday. Mum is going to attend a new french course. This course is of course English-French. Mum's English is horrifying. I'm suspecting I'll be translating a good part of her work for her...


cynicale: Drew Sarich, Leanne Dobinson, Jon Robyns and Nancy Sullivan (Default)


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