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Hustle series 7 episode 4 "Benny's Funeral" was for me definitely the most enjoyable series 7 episode so far. Massive, I mean it, MASSIVE, spoilers behind the cut )

I also finally got around to watching District 9. Wrote way more than usual about it in the document created for the purpose, so I thought I might as well share it now, rather than when I sum up the films I've watched in 2011 next December. Nothing I'd call a considerable spoiler below, but discretion is a virtue.

No Humans Allowed (I feel I've sunk far, utilising such a silly catch-phrase as my cut text... )
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I'm watching my recently arrived Hustle series 6 DVDs, more specifically, episode three, "Tiger Troubles". I'm now able to catch a reference that passed me by the first few times around:) The mark at one point observes that the characters Mickey and Albert are posing as are a mix of The A-Team and Robin Hood. Cue reaction shot of Robert Vaughn (who, of course, was a season 5 A-Team regular). Add to that references to Vaughn's character leaving the dirty work to Mickey because he's semi-retired, and I'm gleeful:) The fact that Albert's American, and therefore more likely to be familiar with The A-Team, even ensures that the reaction shot is appropriate! The Hustle crew also specialises in the impossible and ridiculous, of course.

By the way, if you've seen the episode, you'll know the best part of it is the antics of the cast at the end;)

I'm also following series 7 as it airs. I'm just about to start episode 7.4 in iPlayer, once my re-watch of 6.3 is complete, but here's a copy-paste of my comments to the episode discussion posts at [ profile] hustle_fanworks. Obviously, there may be spoilers.

Brief comments )

Episode 7.4, here I come! On another note, why do so many people have such great trouble spelling "loathe"? "Loath" is not the same word, the two cannot be interchanged!

Oh, and hullo, new flisties!
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Happy New Year everybody! Less than three hours left of 2010 for me now. I've had both good and bad times a-plenty this year, but overall I'd say it has been a good one. Moving to Trondheim really is one of the best decisions I've ever made! Travelled back last night, since I have homework (?!?) due right after the vacation, which means I'm celebrating New Years eve without my parents for the first time ever:(

In keeping with the tradition, as established as recently last year, here's a list of the books I've read and the films I've watched this year. I'm embarrassed and slightly horrified I only managed to read 27 books in a whole year...

Books of 2010 )

Films of 2010 )

I just finished season 2 of "The A-Team". The second half in particular (last 12 episodes or so) is awesome.
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After 5 years, I finally caved in and bought myself a paid lj-account. Yay! Judging by how infrequently I post any entries you wouldn't believe it, but I do actually spend the majority of my waking hours surfing lj:) More icons and the ability to subscribe to threads were the biggest draws for me, but I'm sure I'll make some other neat discoveries along the road;) Anything in particular you love about your paid account?

A-Team series = ♥ )

I hope the majority of you have had/will have a great holiday!

*off to hunt for icons and replace my kinkmeme-bookmarks with subscriptions*

EDIT: Watched season 2 episode 18 and the season 2 finale out of order, since they supposedly were one of the best episodes (I was misinformed - it should have been 2.17) and the fan favourite, respectively. Not at all sure I agree about 2.18, but the end of the season finale? Featured an honest to God Murdock/B.A. love montage! I might possibly be carrying a smallish torch for Murdock/Face, but oh, it was awesome:)
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Definitely BBC's Sherlock! Fun, refreshing, great cast, great modernisation, massive fandom overnight, left me wanting much more (...evil cliffhangers have a tendency to do that)

Not that I've watched an awful lot of live television this year; I've mostly made good use of my DVD box sets.


Dec. 5th, 2010 12:27 am
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I've lots of other things I ought to post, such as a Deathly Hallows review and my long squee-post about Hustle, but for now I'll make do with a TV-meme, taken from [ profile] girlofjuly

Five TV-fandoms (in random order):
1. Hustle
2. Star Trek; The Original Series (ST;TOS)
3. Torchwood
4. Sherlock
5. Charmed

Meme )
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This was not how I intended to end my unannounced LJ-posting-hiatus, but I just have to say this:

BBC's Sherlock. Episode 3. "The Great Game".


Episode 1 was really good. Episode 2 was good enough, bit of a disappointment though. Episode 3 is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Seriously, that was EPIC! How could they leave it there!?!?!
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(I just posted two Les Mis reviews, if you haven't seen them yet)

The last two weeks have been a horror, I've never in my life been this busy. We've had a test/presentation/assignment/something-to-prepare-for every single day! Luckily, it's over now, only my English presentation on Perth (Australia) left. I'm mostly finished with it, but I have not seen my partner's work yet, and I think we have to practice a lot. His oral English is pretty bad, I discovered a couple of days ago, while his written English appears to be decent enough. Some coaching may become necessary.

I've pretty much ensured top marks in three of my finishing subjects (English, Geography and Science), though I think I may have messed up in Social Science. I'm very uncertain about my last test, but on the other hand, Viola does not grade very strictly, so it's a possibility. Four 6's out of four finishing subjects would be amazing, but I can hardly complain about three either:)

Mum and dad visited France, so I was home alone last week. It was great, being left in peace with my work, but kind of boring as well. Also, this meant I did not get to see part 1 of the Che Guevara movie, since it only played five evenings at my local cinema. Mum would freak if I tried to ride my bike home, alone, at 23.30 in the evening, understandably enough, and my grandmother (our closest neighbour) would be bound to notice (and report it), so I refrained. I also didn't bother to celebrate our National Day (17th of May) much, I only barbecued at Camilla's house with some friends. I had to leave at 20.30 though, to finish up my preparations for a sort of mock oral exam I had the 18th. My parents arrived home the same day, mum red as a lobster:) They'd bought me the Faubourg 36 soundtrack (I still adore that movie. I saw it twice at the cinema in France last year, and I've watched my DVD with French subtitles four times. I even managed to convince my teacher to watch it in class;)), a French copy of Pride and Prejudice and, to my great surprise, a shirt which actually fits!

Quite a lot of Star Trek... )

Four of my friends and I are going to Göteborg/Gothenburg the 24/25th June! We'll take the train early Wednesday morning, spend the day at Liseberg (best amusement park there is reasonably close to home), stay the night at the Norwegian Church Abroad/Seamen's Church, shop and visit Universum before going home. We're hoping we'll be able to buy family tickets for Universum, since Nita will be 18, I'll be 17, and Thea (her birthday's the 28th), Tina and Natascha will be 16. Seems like those over 17 goes as adults there. It'll be great fun, I hope!
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Torchwood trailer - could possibly be considered spoilery by someone... )

It was all a strange coincidence, really, me finding this trailer so soon. This weekend, I was suddenly struck by an intense desire to rewatch some Torchwood and Doctor Who episodes, which led to me reading some Torchwood fic, and I kept seeing people mentioning a trailer would be released on Thursday. Half an hour ago, I realised it was Thursday...

I compiled a list of all the episodes I've rewatched, and as this is as good a time to post it as it will ever be (how many times can you use "as" in a sentence? Do I even make any sense here? I think I must have misunderstood some English expression), here it is:

(stars signify episodes watched all while through, I fast forwarded through the others, watching my favourite scenes. This will continiously be updated, as I watch more episodes)


Episodes....with some comments here and there )

Someone's had a busy weekend...I still haven't watched the Who Christmas Special (It's Colonel Brandon!). Dad downloaded some sort of update that made our computer crash, and I can't download anything on my school laptop. Think of all the things I've done to this PC, everything I've downloaded and installed, and then he comes along, crashing the whole thing! And this is the second time he has done something like this:( Thank God for laptops and external hard drives. Mum claims all my files will be rescued, but I have my doubts. We're talking many gb's here.
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Happy birthday to [profile] gatherlilacs! Hope you have a wonderful day!

I don't really have much else to post about. I'm finally watching season 2 of  Heroes, as I didn't see any point of delaying it anymore. I have proven to myself I can show self-restraint:) I have 4 episodes left, and thought it can't be compared the last half of season 1, I still love it.

I've also watched twenty-something episodes of the Death Note anime, and I find it surprisingly enjoyable. My only previous experience with anything anime-ish is Pokémon (I liked the first "series"(?)) and Digimon (I did admittedly like both series very well, though I preferred the first). I'm still not, and probably will never be, a fan of the genre, but at least I know I don't have to avoid it like the plague:)

Yay for pentecost/whitsun that gives us Monday off!
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The Prison Break season finale was absolutely wonderful! I really preferred this one to any of the other previous. By now, I adore Mahone:) And T-Bag is an awesome character. 

I'll leave for France almost directly after school, so goodbye! I won't be back until Sunday the 23rd.


Mar. 10th, 2008 07:04 pm
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I had a lovely time in London, even if it didn't start out so well. Dad and I left for Sandefjord already on sunday, but after taking the ferry to Horten, we waited for a bus which never arrived for two full hours. It was freezing, but luckily a drunk man who also waited provided some amusement. In the end, we took the next bus to Tønsberg, and then the train to Sandefjord. We arrived to a big room in a lovely hotel, I ate a package of crisps, and promptly threw up. Then the next morning I almost blacked out in the bathroom, but managed to pull myself together. We didn't have any delays at the airport (must be a first!).

Our hotel room in London was...not very accommodating. It was tiny, and the hotel had no service at all. It was also rather far from everything, it was located somewhere in the middle between Basewater and Queensway station (we had to walk an eternity to get to either of them, it seemed)

I managed to give you the wrong dates; I went to Les Mis monday (Joel Elferink as Marius, Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Lord of the Rings tuesday (Stuart Neal as Frodo, Ben Evans as Merry+ understudy Elranien and Steward), Les Mis wednesday (me alone. Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Phantom of the Opera thursday (Nic Greenshields as Phantom, Leila Benn Harris as Christine, and John Addison as Raoul), and once again Les Mis friday (me alone. Roy Litvin still as Thénardier. I think I'm destined to never see Chris Vincent, as he was away last year too). While I was away wednesday and friday, Dad went to see Mamma Mia (finally! End he really enjoyed it....I don't get how from what I've heard of the plot) and We Will Rock You (he thought that had a really lame plot). And  his favourite musical actually is Les Mis, not PotO.
Lovely seats for monday, middle of row 3 in the stalls/orchestra, then on wednesday I moved one seat to the left. We had row seven or so for LotR, to the far left in the Upper circle for PotO, and a rather crappy seat in the upper circle for Les Mis friday.

We didn't really do much else than watch musicals, except we checked out Canary Wharf (that was totally my idea. Anyone who can guess why?;)). Nice area. And that train was just cute:) The same cannot be said about Greenwich, which seemed to consist of ready-to-fall-down houses and wineshops.

I bought a lot of books, a few I've wanted quite a while. I bough a "Prima Donna" t-shirt at the Her Majesty's Theatre, and a brown jacked (to be worn inside) from Zara. I'm very fond of that already:) We also ran around looking for shoes, but as always, one can't say I was enthusiastic. No shoes for me:(

I do have lots of comments to make about the musicals, and I intended to include them here, but Dad hijacked the computer:( I'll post it sometime this week (I'll have to. We're leaving for France this friday/saturday. Mum is going to attend a new french course. This course is of course English-French. Mum's English is horrifying. I'm suspecting I'll be translating a good part of her work for her...

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Watched Lost. I can't believe how much I've missed it:) Much love to Sayid, Sawyer and Desmond <3 And poor Hurley:(

The Jack/Ianto scene in Torchwood 2.3 was adorable <3. And Ianto kept hanging about around him:)  I enjoyed the plot of the episode reasonably well. Owen finally seems more likable too, which is great.

Seems like I can't go two days without hurting myself at the moment. I got something between my teeth wednesday, worried it all night, and ended up cutting myself in the tongue:( And yesterday, in P.E. a girl hit me in the eye, pretty hard. I'm not sure if it was her hand or elbow, but anyway, exchanging pea-bags is a dangerous activity:) My contact lens flew right out of my eye, so obviously it could have been really dangerous (last year a teacher actually lost his cornea when someone hit him with a ball to the side of his head). Feels like I ought to have a black eye, but luckily, I don't. 

Act 1 of the Les Mis July 24th DVD is online, and I got it, along with some other things I've been dying to get. The quality is horrible, but I absolutely adore it (and Maxie seems to have had a very good day)!
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A boy from my school ran away from his home sunday evening eight o'clock, possibly just clad in his night-clothes. He still hasn't been found, but people have now started to search in the lake:( He might have been observed by the train station monday morning though, so there's still hope:) I don't know him, but we had confirmation lessons together, and he was my dancing-partner at the prom. He's nice, and doesn't seem to be the type to run away. I really hope he's alright:(

Torchwood is made of win, though the plots are rather silly:) Jack is great (for the record, I like his voice too, but occasionally there are notes I wish he hadn't tried), Ianto is adorable, and I like Tosh. Owen, and to some extent Gwen, are annoying.

Here's my current favourite song: Bring It, by Cobra Starship, from the movie Snakes on a Plane (...) I haven't seen that movie, and I have no wish of doing so, but I can't get it out of my head. This happened the last time I heard it too, from this video on youtube.

My last French test was a 6, as my grammar were as good as perfect, and my teacher must have liked my improvised translations:) Those sentences we were supposed to translate  (from Norwegian to French) were the kind we would have had to known about beforehand to have any chance of getting it correct. Of course we didn't get to know about them, so most of the class panicked slightly:) Have a mentioned I occasionally dream I speak French? It's very nice, I speak correctly, without any hesitation, the way I wish I could to when I'm awake. I always forget some simple word we should have learned ages go:(

Dad bought me the entire Hornblower box-set when he visited England, and I adore it:) I've looked for ages here in Norway, to no avail. Sold-out everywhere in Trondheim and my hometown. He also bought me some Vampire Chronicle books, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned and Pandora/Vittorio (last one was a two-in-one volume, half-price. 5 dollars). I've read them all but Vittorio. Lestat is much better than Interview, but rather longwinded at times, Queen of the Damned is brilliant, and Pandora was 400 pages where nothing happened at all, except me getting spoiled of Armand's sad demise (silly boy. Why did you have to be so Christian?!). Armand is love, so that's just sad:(

I just came back from the doctor. I almost faint/throw up after P.E. sometimes, and my teacher wanted me to go. It' happening more and more often lately, three/four times this school year already, and though I've learned to live with it, she insisted. But as I already knew, there's nothing wrong with me, I'm just unfit with unhealthy habits, so my blood pressure falls or something (bread is one of the most disgusting things in the world, in my opinion, so I refuse to eat it. I don't even enjoy white bread). The doctor has sent blood tests to the hospital too, but I doubt there will be anything wrong with it, except perhaps too little iron.

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say too, but I can't seem to remember it just now. 

EDIT: Good news! He walked home by himself!
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 I don't have to have my oral presentation until friday! Yay! Instead I have a French test tomorrow, and religion on wednesday, but that's okay, since we, for some reason, barely have any homework this week. 

It's really easy to fall for Doctor Who, isn't it?;) I've just finished watching the last christmas special, after season 3. I've decided Ten is rather brilliant, but I still prefer Nine. I also prefer Rose over Martha, but Martha's not bad either. Now I'll watch Torchwood;) And four episodes with Three, and that movie (since Paul McGann is in it. I adore him in Hornblower). And, I have to say this: So that's the Master! I've wondered. He's awesome;) John Barrowman looks good when he's dirty...not that he doesn't always do.

My fever didn't break until late Wednesday evening, and then, on Thursday I hurt my knee. I was bending down, and twisted around to pet my cat, and then I was lying on the floor. I tried to get up, and I could hear my knee clicking back into place. This, naturally, hurt. Now, finally I'm able to walk down the stairs without pain, but I still have to keep my leg stiff when I bend down. This isn't easy, as I have cats to care for. But i've made good progress today, so I hope PE will go okay at school tomorrow.

This week, Mum started talking about my dear cat Casper dying. I do know he nearly died of sickness when he was a year old, I know we never manage to get our cats to live past their 14th year (he's 9 and a half now), and it was my most common nightmare for years, but I don't need to talk about it! 
Luna's little friend has disappeared. Every night the past year or so, the neighborhood cat has come to our celler window, and met up with our youngest (who doesn't go outside). They meow to each other, and sometimes Luna attack the window. She misses him, keeps staring out:( His owners called around the area a few days ago, but he hasn't showed up. Mum reckons it's that gigantic fox she claims to have seen last year who has taken him. RIP, Milkshake (...must be the kid who named him) (also, there's a running joke in the house that it was Casper who did the evil deed...they didn't like each other much, though they sometimes managed to keep themselves civil)

I spent 29-31 December visiting Trondheim again. That girl  (soon 7, but less mature than the norm) can be really annoying, but she does know how to make us adore her. Our families are close, we see a lot of each other (more than I see my real family), and we live in their house each time we visit. So one day, when we came in the door, she said something like "What  if we were all a big family? Then you'd be my big sister!" and she went on about how nice that'll be. She hugged me a lot, and in the mornings she crawled into my bed (we shared her room). She even stayed there 40 minutes one morning, falling asleep on me. Who can resist that? <font face="Symbol">&#169;</font>
Also, later, we heard by telephone that she'd been asked about what she remembered clearest from her holiday. it was me, mum and her playing with those magnet-building things I can't remember the name of. Geomags? <font face="Symbol">&#169;</font>

PS- Theatretrades (or was it theatrefoorwear?) has temporarily disabled accounts with 0 posts. I only registered this week! And I'm in the middle of an awesome trade! I've sent most of my end, and now I can't check if I've gotten my wonderful links, as I can't access my damn account!
PS.2- I wish I didn't feel bouncy at 23.30 nine out of ten nights
PS.3- I've started playing Prince of Persia on my computer. It's cool, and I feel rather good at it. I have technique;) 
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Happy  (belated for me) birthday to

[profile] 10littlebullets! Hope you had/have a great day:)

I have a great post to post, but I've managed to get ill again, so I won't spend much time on the computer today. So here's only a few basics.

I have a cold. Again. With fever. Again. This is the third time in four months:(

Forget what I said about Doctor Who. Season 1 was brilliant. I've seen most of season 2 too, and while Tennant is nowhere near as good as Eccleston, he's okay. Rose is actually rather likable, Mickey was cute, and Jack grew on me after the first couple of episodes. But watching season 2 without subtitles is actually rather hard at times, for while I love any kind of british accent, it isn't the easiest to understand.

My school project is going pretty well (India under the British Empire, in English), and it's great to feel I'm ahead of schedule for once. I have another week left before it has to be finished.
And here you have my newest grades! One word: Awesome! Same average as last year (5.15), but this one feels better, for some reason. 
And now I'm going to bed again.
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First: Happy belated birthday to [profile] lionhill! Also Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to her, and everyone else!
Second: My last post is now updated, and has been for a while, with Act 2 of Scarlet Pimpernel Lillestrøm.

Apparently I haven't updated for five weeks. Which means I've tons of things to write about now. This has for me been the big TV/Movie/Book month, which has been a very refreshing change. I had another dry period on the internet, nothing much interesting to find. Seems to be remedied now though.

The TV-Month started with me catching episodes of Stargate SG-1 (season 4) and Seinfeld. These shows air nearly everyday on Viasat 4, a wonderful channel I've recently discovered (This channel has also convinced me I'll never again try to watch any other form of Star Trek than Voyager, though Data was kinda cute at times).
I've also caugth 5 episodes of Supernatural (mostly on Swedish TV), and decided I liked  it. Erh...the father is the same actor who played Denny on Grey's Anaomy! I was surprised when I discovered this. But I can't say I like his character so much.

Heroes gets its own header:) I did see parts of or whole episodes on TV before Christmas, and I liked it, but I wasn't addicted until I got season 1 episode 1-11 as a gift. And not even until the end. After each episode, I though to myself: "It's a good show, but I'm not addicted." Then came ep 11, and suddely I was. I found the later episodes on the net, and I have now watched the entire season 1. The episodes keeps getting better, but my favourite is 1.17 (Company Man), which was the last one which aired here. I love Claude:) And his accent:) Incidentally, I also got the first season of Doctor Who, which I'm checking out because everyone talks about it. I'm not overly enthustiatic about the premise of the show (Torchwood sounds a lot better), but now at least I'm motivated because of Christopher Eccleston:) I will begin to watch soon. I have decided I won't not go ahead and watch Heroes season 2 yet, and instead just wait for it, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to keep that vow. I'm probably going to crack within a week or two:(

And this was all I had time to write today. I will update with my grades (described in one word? YAY!) and New Year school ball (which is tomorrow) later. Will include talk about books and holidays:)
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I'll actually see Scarlet Pimpernel again tomorrow! I just suddenly discovered they changed Percy and Marguerite actors today, and though I adored Trond Teigen as Percy, seing the actor who played Suzanne as M will be shiny:) (flist, I have giftie for you later).

andandand, Fiddler on the Roof is playing in London! I love that musical! Must see again.

Latest Prison Break I expected a hand or something, not a head! But I guess there's already one handless person there. I've actually started to kinda like T-Bag 0_o

I read this article....hugging?!? It's annoying with all my friends constantly hugging each other, but am I the only one who thinks some americans are rather...over the top? A guy in my class tried to hug me yesterday, when I made sure our volleyball team won the set, and I tried to avoid it (ended up hurting my lip:( And why did I really avoid him? Reflex?). I most certainly didn't feel sexually harassed!

I found this thing earlier today. Virtually the same joke over and over again (i.e. how everyone dies in Les Mis) but fun:

Thingy.. )
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Happy birthday to [profile] siriusly_lupin! Have a wonderful day:-)

When I first heard about "Any Dream Will Do" and the american thing for Grease, I thought it sounded rather silly. But now I've started following a similar norwegian show- they're trying to win the part of the female main-character in Singing in the Rain. It's actually fun, I sit there and offer critique to my dad, and we guess who'll go out. i guessed correctly both last night, and the other episode I watched (?). Last night they performed:

1. Aquarius  from Hair- her voice wasn't quite right, her acting pretty bad. She went out.
2. My Body from (?)- She was really good! Especially if you saw how different she really is:) My favourite last night.
3. I Don't Know How to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar- I kinda like her. But that's definitely not Mary Magdalene. Overacting much?
4. Take me or Leave me from Rent- She's good, though Mark is really horrifying. So's the fact that it's Mark, not Joanne who's there (grumblejoanneisnearlyfavouritecharactergrumble). Second favourite.
5. Glittering Diamonds from Moulin Rouge- I don't have anything to compare her to (still haven't watched the movie), but she seems good. And her dancing is awesome.

I think I'll look through some of the older clips. So far, I've only watched two episodes. (is it just me, or does the girl named Anette look like Stine Buer?). Ingeborg is my favourite. (My Body and Life of the Party
We got an advertisement in the mail today. Perhaps I'll see it? I'm not very interested in the musical, but it would be fun.


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