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Once again, I managed to get sick. A bit more serious now, throat-infection with a tiny ear-infection on the side (I didn't even think that was possible. Apparently it is). So, I've been having fever for two weeks, my throat hurt terribly, and I cough until I start dry heaving on a regular basis. Fun. I got sick in the weekend and mum spent all of sunday telling me I had to go to school. The on monday I felt well enough, but it turned out I had a temperature of 39,5 celsius (103 fahrenheit). Then mum actually refused to let me go to school for two days, which is truly astonishing:)

I'm leaving for Sandefjord sunday, and our flight to London is sometime Monday morning. Monday night we'll see Les Mis, LotR on wednesday, and then Les Mis again on thursday (I just know the whole theatre are going to hate me, after I''ve finished coughing). I'm seriously tempted to go to see Phantom again (Ramin! And it's dad's favourite musical), but I think we'll drop Fiddler. The only tickets I can find goes for 95 pounds, and it isn't worth that much. Apparently, Assassins just closed at the Landor Theatre, and it had Jeff Nicholson playing Guiteau. That would have been brilliant:( I've decided Wicked definitely isn't worth seeing, I read the book (Fiyero is love) and enjoyed parts of it, but most of it annoyed me. And there's only one song I can stand in the score, No Good Deed (I love that one though). The Wizard and I is standable when John Barrowman sings it:)


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 I don't have to have my oral presentation until friday! Yay! Instead I have a French test tomorrow, and religion on wednesday, but that's okay, since we, for some reason, barely have any homework this week. 

It's really easy to fall for Doctor Who, isn't it?;) I've just finished watching the last christmas special, after season 3. I've decided Ten is rather brilliant, but I still prefer Nine. I also prefer Rose over Martha, but Martha's not bad either. Now I'll watch Torchwood;) And four episodes with Three, and that movie (since Paul McGann is in it. I adore him in Hornblower). And, I have to say this: So that's the Master! I've wondered. He's awesome;) John Barrowman looks good when he's dirty...not that he doesn't always do.

My fever didn't break until late Wednesday evening, and then, on Thursday I hurt my knee. I was bending down, and twisted around to pet my cat, and then I was lying on the floor. I tried to get up, and I could hear my knee clicking back into place. This, naturally, hurt. Now, finally I'm able to walk down the stairs without pain, but I still have to keep my leg stiff when I bend down. This isn't easy, as I have cats to care for. But i've made good progress today, so I hope PE will go okay at school tomorrow.

This week, Mum started talking about my dear cat Casper dying. I do know he nearly died of sickness when he was a year old, I know we never manage to get our cats to live past their 14th year (he's 9 and a half now), and it was my most common nightmare for years, but I don't need to talk about it! 
Luna's little friend has disappeared. Every night the past year or so, the neighborhood cat has come to our celler window, and met up with our youngest (who doesn't go outside). They meow to each other, and sometimes Luna attack the window. She misses him, keeps staring out:( His owners called around the area a few days ago, but he hasn't showed up. Mum reckons it's that gigantic fox she claims to have seen last year who has taken him. RIP, Milkshake (...must be the kid who named him) (also, there's a running joke in the house that it was Casper who did the evil deed...they didn't like each other much, though they sometimes managed to keep themselves civil)

I spent 29-31 December visiting Trondheim again. That girl  (soon 7, but less mature than the norm) can be really annoying, but she does know how to make us adore her. Our families are close, we see a lot of each other (more than I see my real family), and we live in their house each time we visit. So one day, when we came in the door, she said something like "What  if we were all a big family? Then you'd be my big sister!" and she went on about how nice that'll be. She hugged me a lot, and in the mornings she crawled into my bed (we shared her room). She even stayed there 40 minutes one morning, falling asleep on me. Who can resist that? <font face="Symbol">&#169;</font>
Also, later, we heard by telephone that she'd been asked about what she remembered clearest from her holiday. it was me, mum and her playing with those magnet-building things I can't remember the name of. Geomags? <font face="Symbol">&#169;</font>

PS- Theatretrades (or was it theatrefoorwear?) has temporarily disabled accounts with 0 posts. I only registered this week! And I'm in the middle of an awesome trade! I've sent most of my end, and now I can't check if I've gotten my wonderful links, as I can't access my damn account!
PS.2- I wish I didn't feel bouncy at 23.30 nine out of ten nights
PS.3- I've started playing Prince of Persia on my computer. It's cool, and I feel rather good at it. I have technique;) 
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Well, now I've become obsessed with Les Mis. I read a lot of Enjolras/Grantaire slash. I haven't even thought about reading a Harry potter or Charmed fic the last three weeks or something. Some of you might think I'm mad when you read this: I saw Les Mis twice in Trondheim last year, and once in Lillestrøm. Well, I'm going with mum to Lillestrøm AGAIN. And in the winter holiday my dad and I will see it in London! We will also see Phantom in the Opera. Dad doesn't like Mis, but he liked Phantom very much:) I'm looking SOOOOO much forward to actually SEE it in English, not just listening.

Now I'll track down every single community on LJ dealing with LM!

Other news, I was home from school today, again. This morning I had 39 celsius in fever. I feel like crap:( And I lost my voice EXACTLY when the phone called, and because of the fever I didn't understand what was said. I must have sounded like an idiot to the strange-lady-on-phone.

FUN-FACT: In real life I've NEVER said a "bad" word. But at the 'net I don't care at all. Bad influence? (not that I say something really bad)


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