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Anyone notice how I kinda really don’t like non-replica productions in general, with a few notable exceptions? Well, it’s official, I’m head over heels in love with a non-replica production. If you have any opportunity at all to go visit Tromsø before the end of November, do it!

Review )

You should definitely watch the backstage video, here:
Javert’s Suicide (in English) -
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Happy New Year, everyone! I intended to post this entry last night, but that obviously never happened... I'll probably backdate this entry in a couple of days.

There are a couple of things I'd like to talk about, so expect another entry in a while, but for now, in keeping with the tradition: Books and Movies of 2011!

Books of 2011 )

Top ten movies watched for the first time in 2011, in no particular order:

- Elle s'appelait Sarah/Sarah’s Key
- X-Men; First Class
- District 9
- True Grit (2010)
- The Sting
- The Bridge on the River Kwai
- A Night to Remember (1958, Titanic film)
- Les Misérables (1972)
- Phantom of the Opera; Live at the Royal Albert Hall (more on this below. Not without its problems, but somehow I've managed to rewatch it three times within the last week. I've never been more than a casual fan at most, but I'm apparently in the mood for this show right now)

Movies of 2011 (LONG list)... )
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I'm taking the bus to Oslo tomorrow morning to look at a flat. I'm not exactly enthused by the photos I've seen so far, but location, bathroom and rent make it well worth a proper look. I did find one flat I adored, but it was already rented out by the time we got around to inquiring:( Let's hope they simply forgot to photograph the living room area of the one I'm going to see tomorrow, because otherwise they're definitely lying about the flat's surface area.

I've spent the last few days watching various Les Mis film/mini-series adaptions for the first time, in-between hunting for flats. 1972, 1958 and 1934, in that order. I've taken a bit too many notes on a couple of those to fit into my end-of-the-year media roundup post, so posting them all here instead. In short, why did I not get my hands on these adaptions sooner?:)

Qui êtes-vous? Personne...*wibble* )

So, adaptions I have watched so far: 1934, 1958, 1972, 1978, 1982, 1998, 2000 (French, not the shorter English one), some of Shoujo Cosette (I am amused by the fact that Marius can hardly step outside his door without running into Courfeyrac in this one)

Adaptions available to watch once I feel like it: 1935, 1952, the very long Italian one, rest of the anime. Right now, urgency on this score is the last thing on my mind...
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In my last entry, I talked about the two trips to London I’ve taken in the last few months, but I neglected to say anything specific about the shows I caught while there. I’ll have a round-up post ready in a few days, detailing my experiences with the “other” shows, but for now here’s my impression of the «new» cast of Les Misérables at Queen’s Theatre.

If you’re relatively new to this journal, know this: I love Les Mis with all my heart, and if I sound overly critical it’s just because I have a very firm set of expectations. I know how good it can be. Tastes differ, however, so the average theatregoer or different fan might not always agree with my opinions on the subject.

This review covers the following three performances (for me, #34-36): The 11th of July (Jonathan Williams as alternate Valjean), 28th of September Matinee (Christopher Jacobsen as u/s Valjean, Shaun Dalton as u/s Javert, Scott Garnham as u/s Enjolras), 3rd of October (Jonathan Williams as alternate Valjean, Shaun Dalton as u/s Javert) 2011.

Review )

Like I said, criticising it is just my way of showing my love.

Dream Cast

As a point of interest, if I currently had to choose a personal Dream Cast, these would be my choices (my only prerequisite is having seen them perform live at least once):

Valjean – Jonathan Williams
Javert - Robert Hunt, I guess? He’s the one that springs to mind, at least.
Fantine – Caroline Sheen
Marius – Jon Robyns
Cosette – Leanne Dobinson (followed by Katie Hall)
Éponine – Nancy Sullivan (more because I like her than her being perfect, though)
Enjolras – David Thaxton
Grantaire - Michael Minarik or Jeff Nicholson, I guess.

Couldn’t care less about the Thénardiers. Chip Zien/Greg Castiglioni/Roy Litvin and ?
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Hustle series 7 episode 4 "Benny's Funeral" was for me definitely the most enjoyable series 7 episode so far. Massive, I mean it, MASSIVE, spoilers behind the cut )

I also finally got around to watching District 9. Wrote way more than usual about it in the document created for the purpose, so I thought I might as well share it now, rather than when I sum up the films I've watched in 2011 next December. Nothing I'd call a considerable spoiler below, but discretion is a virtue.

No Humans Allowed (I feel I've sunk far, utilising such a silly catch-phrase as my cut text... )
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I'm watching my recently arrived Hustle series 6 DVDs, more specifically, episode three, "Tiger Troubles". I'm now able to catch a reference that passed me by the first few times around:) The mark at one point observes that the characters Mickey and Albert are posing as are a mix of The A-Team and Robin Hood. Cue reaction shot of Robert Vaughn (who, of course, was a season 5 A-Team regular). Add to that references to Vaughn's character leaving the dirty work to Mickey because he's semi-retired, and I'm gleeful:) The fact that Albert's American, and therefore more likely to be familiar with The A-Team, even ensures that the reaction shot is appropriate! The Hustle crew also specialises in the impossible and ridiculous, of course.

By the way, if you've seen the episode, you'll know the best part of it is the antics of the cast at the end;)

I'm also following series 7 as it airs. I'm just about to start episode 7.4 in iPlayer, once my re-watch of 6.3 is complete, but here's a copy-paste of my comments to the episode discussion posts at [ profile] hustle_fanworks. Obviously, there may be spoilers.

Brief comments )

Episode 7.4, here I come! On another note, why do so many people have such great trouble spelling "loathe"? "Loath" is not the same word, the two cannot be interchanged!

Oh, and hullo, new flisties!
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While in London I also attended a performance of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap", apparently a must-see piece. It has been running since 1952, so it's clearly popular. I enjoy good crime-dramas on the telly, such as Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost, Foyle's War and so on, but I must confess I've never been a fan of the Agatha Christie adaptions, nor the one book I tried reading once. I think it's because I never found her characters to be particularly engaging. In sum, I decided to watch a crime-drama, not a Christie piece.

The Mousetrap )

A few weeks ago I attended a live-transmission of the final performance of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold" at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. It was steamed in HD to my local cinema, and I only had to pay some 25 pounds to see it. "Das Rheingold" is the first of the four operas in the "Der Ring des Nibelungen" sequence, which also "Die Walküre" is a part of.

Das Rheingold )
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The 25th Anniversary concert at the O2 arena was obviously the primary reason I chose to go to to London during this particular weekend, as it was one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" events I'd have hated to miss. We were quite worried about getting to and from the O2 arena, as there was a strike on the Jubilee-line scheduled for that evening, but that didn't end up being a problem. We made sure to leave our hotel very early though, just to ensure we didn't miss it. Instead of hanging around without doing anything in particular we decided to watch "Back to the Future" at the cinema. I'm not a fan, and the sound was obnoxiously loud, but it was a quite nice way to pass the time. The best thing about getting there early was the fact that I didn't have to queue to buy my program:)

Date: 3nd of October, evening
Seat: Vis a vis the stage, just half a mile away. One of the 110 tickets, I believe. About 100 pounds at least.
Venue: The 02 arena. It's massive. Gigantic. That's all.

Review )

This is the first time I've used Semagic to post an entry, so if anything looks weird blame that.
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Dad and I spent last weekend in London, and had a great time! The trip and all the theatre tickets I wanted was one of my presents for my 18th birthday - among the best I've ever received:) I have a rather large theatre review backlog at the moment(Les Mis O2 concert, The Mousetrap, Romeo and Juliet in Norway, Iphigeneia in Norway, live transmission of Das Rheingold from the Met), but I'm starting out with the Les Mis tour!

Performance: 2nd of October 2010 matinee, second-to-last performance.
Seat: Row A, slightly to the right of the centre. Dad had what was probably the cheapest ticket in the house, rather high up as far I know.
Venue: Barbican Theatre

It was okay, but I have some issues with what they've done )
All in all, a good afternoon spent! As usual, after seeing Les Mis, I'm back in that particular fandom mood, which is nice:) Been a while since last time. Very good timing too, as I'm reading the book for my thesis-thingy in Norwegian class. Soon finished with book two now (...only four to go, less than two weeks to get there...I've already skimmed quite a few pages I know won't be useful).
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First of all, welcome to all new members of my f!list! First thing you need to know about me is the fact that I'm utterly unable to post things to this journal within my own personal deadlines; this review I intended to post sometime before the 10th of January at the very last. Observe how that turned out:( Oh well, I should know better by now.

Anyway, I spend a few days in Copenhagen over the Christmas hols, and naturally saw Les Mis a couple of times.

Review over here! )
I think I really have to go to bed now, even though it's only 10 pm here. Didn't get nearly enough sleep last night.
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I saw Les Mis in Oslo the 1st and 6th of May. It's a very strong production, with a mostly good cast (Valjean, Erik Wenberg Jacobsen, is pretty amazing), impressive set and a good translation. The translator is actually Torstein Bugge Høverstad, who has also translated Lord of the Rings and all the Potter books to Norwegian.

Can someone please ask me to type up the new lyrics and translate them to English? Request specific scenes? I really want to do it, but unless I have incentive I know I'll never get around to it. The translation is the best I've heard, and it's notable, since this is the first time Les Mis has been performed in Bokmål (other translations have been Nynorsk. Not that there's a big difference between the two)

This productions used scims extensively. There was one at the far back and one inside a frame. The latter could be moved about. The scene was quite impressive, as it had two floors! Thénardier's inn and the sewers were "downstairs", and everything else on the upper floor. It is very clever, though consider this: A turntable could hardly be more expensive to install than that?

Les Mis Oslo notes )

If you want more specifics, ask.

I found the notes I made of the Bergen production hidden on my computer, so I might as well post them. I also made some comments in this entry, but I never posted a proper review. Keep in mind I haven't edited this, so everything might not make sense.


Les Mis Bergen... )
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Here are my thought on the musicals I've recently seen, as promised in my last post:)


Let others rise, to take our place, until the earth is free! )


Sunset Boulevard, Destination for the stony-hearted... )


He could be a star for all we know... )


Telll me it's not true... )


Everyone's a little bit racist, it's true... )


They had it coming! They had it coming! They only had themselves to blame... )


This is a reminder to myself: Check the cast of the musicals you aren't planning to see before ordering tickets. Burn Gorman is in "Oliver!", playing Mr Sikes. I really want to see that. What is it with Torchwood and musicals, anyway? There's John Barrowman, Naoko in Avenue Q, Burn in Oliver!, Gareth in that show he did, though I don’t think that quite qualifies as a musical. Does Eve Myles have any plans for the future?


The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music... )

Feel free to ask if you think I forgot anything of interest:)

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EDIT: Sorry about the formating, IE decided to eat my lj-cut, and I have to use Opera and HTML-mode to post. So far, I think I hate Opera. Need firefox if IE doesn't decide to work.

Oh my God. I just read what I had to say about the first time I saw Les Mis
in London, in February 2007. I refuse to believe I wrote Lillestrøm
reviews, written a few weeks previously, are decent enough, but I'm
thoroughly horrified by the one from London. I wanted to sink through the
floor in embarrassment. If you happened to read that, I apologise for
sounding like a ten year old:( I would really like to delete and remove all
tracks of everything I wrote before turning 15, but that's rather hard to
actually do...I will try hard to forget, so please don't remind me of it.

Les Misérables 16 August 2008 Matinee and Evening performances review:

Finally )

I think I might hate my English-teacher a little bit. She seems to delight in
jumping down upon people who make mistakes, though luckily I've not been
included so far. I "pleased her heart" when I answered a question in the
right tone to make me sound English, and she said "This is very good" when
reading what I wrote over my shoulder this Thursday. Laughing at students
doesn't seem very proper to me. Her roll-calls are shiny though; instead of
saying "yes"or "present", we have to give her the name of a fruit, a number,
an animal or the like, and she compliments those she thinks are clever. My
crush keeps saying these really obscure things, like "ash fruit", and she loves
him:) For some reason, she liked my "mango", but not my "meat pie".

We have a big drama-project in Norwegian this year: We are going to set up
Romeo and Juliet! Modernised version, of course, which is annoying, but still
shiny:) Everyone have to do something, so I've volunteered as a prompter. I
sort of want to audition for a part, since while I detest taking part in those
small, silly "sketches", I love real theatre, and have some experience from
school plays and "Annie" when I was little. But I've decided not to, since I
think my nerves will be a problem. Lately, I've started shaking when I'm
about to read something for the class, even though I'm perfectly aware of how safe it is to make mistakes.
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Once again, I'll have to postpone my Les Mis review, as I have to write a short-story for school within Tuesday, and I've never felt so uninspired in my life. But here's the pictures I've scanned from my new souvenir-brochure (The Final Battle is totally my new desktop;)). Photobucket seems to have died on me, but they can be downloaded, full size, here:

And here's my review of Blood Brothers:

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I had a lovely time in Vienna, it is a city I can recommend you to visit! Lots of pretty, old buildings, history and musicals of good quality playing:)

Jesus Christ Superstar turned out to only be a small-scale concert, playing in a church named Votivkirche, which had pretty windows, but the inside was surprisingly unremarkable for a cathedral. Had a pretty pulpit (that apparently is the English word for prekestol) but it was also freezing. I wasn't very disappointed, for I was certainly enjoying myself. The guy who played Caiaphas and Herodes had an absolutely amazing deep voice, which sent tingles down my spine. And Judas had a great voice too, beautiful but still powerful enough for the role. The cast list I  barely managed to locate on the only poster in sight wasn't character-specific, but he was most likely named Ramin Dustdar. I also liked Annas, he sounded a lot like Rob Fowler:) The guy who sung as Simon and Peter was good in all of his more minor ensemble lines, but his Simon was rather tame. Pilate had a slightly squeaky voice, and was gayer than Herodes, which was rather disturbing, actually:) But it was hilarious when Herodes tried to act stereotypically gay, and failed:) The sound-mixer seemed to have some problems at the beginning, as he didn't turn on the mics when they were needed, but my biggest problem with the concert was the crappy, pre-recorded music.

Friday we decided to see We Will Rock You on a whim, and bought some very costly tickets, which were the only ones that were left. Though I stilll think the plot is totally lame, I had a really good time. It was great fun, even if I couldn't get all the jokes:) Also, I spent the first act thinking the guy who played Galileo was awesome, and when I bought a programme in the break I discovered it was Serkan Kaya! I love him, and he's definitely worth being called one of my favourite musical-artists:) The production inn general seemed very strong, the only one I think could have been better was Doc, who I think is the guy called Pop in the English version, and perhaps Ozzy (or Meat). I rather loved Khashoggi:)

One of Vienna's biggest pluses was the public transport system, which was just about as good as in London, in my opinion. The U-bahn (underground/metro) and the Strassebahn (tram) never had a longer wait between each departure than 7 minutes (and that was late in the evening. Most often 3 minutes, in my experience). 

Once again, a visit is heartily recommended! 

EDIT: Herodes is Herod's Norwegian name, and I completely forgot about translating it.
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The Prison Break season finale was absolutely wonderful! I really preferred this one to any of the other previous. By now, I adore Mahone:) And T-Bag is an awesome character. 

I'll leave for France almost directly after school, so goodbye! I won't be back until Sunday the 23rd.
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Not spellchecked, as I don't have time.

LotR.. )




Les Mis.. )
EDIT: Richard Woodford actually knew how to pronounce Juan! But then again, "sjuan"sounds better than "Huan" to my ears anyway...
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First: Happy belated birthday to [profile] lionhill! Also Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to her, and everyone else!
Second: My last post is now updated, and has been for a while, with Act 2 of Scarlet Pimpernel Lillestrøm.

Apparently I haven't updated for five weeks. Which means I've tons of things to write about now. This has for me been the big TV/Movie/Book month, which has been a very refreshing change. I had another dry period on the internet, nothing much interesting to find. Seems to be remedied now though.

The TV-Month started with me catching episodes of Stargate SG-1 (season 4) and Seinfeld. These shows air nearly everyday on Viasat 4, a wonderful channel I've recently discovered (This channel has also convinced me I'll never again try to watch any other form of Star Trek than Voyager, though Data was kinda cute at times).
I've also caugth 5 episodes of Supernatural (mostly on Swedish TV), and decided I liked  it. Erh...the father is the same actor who played Denny on Grey's Anaomy! I was surprised when I discovered this. But I can't say I like his character so much.

Heroes gets its own header:) I did see parts of or whole episodes on TV before Christmas, and I liked it, but I wasn't addicted until I got season 1 episode 1-11 as a gift. And not even until the end. After each episode, I though to myself: "It's a good show, but I'm not addicted." Then came ep 11, and suddely I was. I found the later episodes on the net, and I have now watched the entire season 1. The episodes keeps getting better, but my favourite is 1.17 (Company Man), which was the last one which aired here. I love Claude:) And his accent:) Incidentally, I also got the first season of Doctor Who, which I'm checking out because everyone talks about it. I'm not overly enthustiatic about the premise of the show (Torchwood sounds a lot better), but now at least I'm motivated because of Christopher Eccleston:) I will begin to watch soon. I have decided I won't not go ahead and watch Heroes season 2 yet, and instead just wait for it, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to keep that vow. I'm probably going to crack within a week or two:(

And this was all I had time to write today. I will update with my grades (described in one word? YAY!) and New Year school ball (which is tomorrow) later. Will include talk about books and holidays:)
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Mock exams this week. English had difficult tasks (I got 5 on the last one, btw), but I'm happy with it, and both Norwegian ones too. Math went strait to hell. And this time, I'm sure. I think I aced Part 1, but I used too much time. I only started part three with 40 minutes to spare, and I couldn't think, so I ended up choosing 1 3-point, 1 2-point, and 3 1-point tasks, and I won't get full pott on either of the two first. (I could have done 2 3-points, and 3 2-points. Which I normally always do). Made many mistakes in part 2 too. This actually was last year's exam, which worries me to no end.

I might be out of touch until Friday next week, as I will be going to Trondheim, as a part of my work-week at school. I'll observe the court, as I'm thinking of educating myself as a jurist (not in the US meaning though). I think it will be cool:) I'm going to live with our friends there, and while they've gotten internet now, I can't spend much time on. I will air-travel by myself for the first time, which is kinda exciting. It's only 50 minutes though.

I leave you with my SP review, part 1 (yes, I'm a pathetic typer)

review... )
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I've planned to write that SP review for days now, but I really never feel like doing it. It was a good experience, but some rather horrible singers/actors/flats. Percy was awesome though;) This will be expanded upon. In the meantime, a very rambling entry.

I went to see the new Elizabeth movie with dad the other day. I enjoyed it. Cate Blanchet and Geoffrey Rush (hee! Barbossa! Notice how I ignore Javert. Though I don't hate that movie, he was a strange Javert. Though not as strange as in '82) are both good. Mary Stuart had a horrible accent, which really bothered me. I loved Clive Owen, but then I always do:) Good movie, but a bit long. Not a very interesting plot. I haven't seen the last movie, but it didn't matter much to me. 

I actually caught the end of The Virgin Queen on TV last night, and I re-discovered my love for Joseph Fiennes:) I think I'll actually see the whole thing sometime, just for him.  (I saw a discussion at his IMDB page, about him playing Greyback in Half-Blood Prince. I hope not! Though Tom Riddle senior would be great.). 

I'm also planning to see that mini-series, which dad apparently has seen. He commented upon the movie having the same plot as the series...yes, he realized how stupid that sounded after a couple of seconds. I had a similar moment under Virgin Queen, I thought "Hey, that man is wearing Shakespeare pants! And then "duh, I just learned about the elizabethan theatre. They lived at the same time." Silly me:) 

I think I love Elizabeth movies for three reasons: Clive Owen, Joseph Fiennes and Jeremy Irons:) See icon.

(school is killing me, at the moment. By the way, I learned my schedule, [profile] lionhill: Mocks next week, then real mocks (entirely like exams) after Christmas, and then exams. Might throw in another not real mock too:)

[profile] lionhill also reminded me of: I have tickets for London (and West End!) in February! Two Les Mis nights at row 3 or so, and one at LotR. Me paying. Dad happy, since my mum has allowed me to go to Les Mis alone one of the nights:) I wonder which other musicals I shall see cheap? Wicked? And [personal profile] duva, you failed at reassuring me of LotR. I'm still worried for my beloved.


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