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First: I'm going to New York City this summer, with my dad! We just ordered the tickets today, we're going to be there from 27 July 'till 3 August. I'm so excited! I'm going to see Les Mis twice, at July 27th, and August 1th. On saturday we have tickets for first center-mezz row, and  Wednesday row b, center orchestra (to the right)! There isn't any announced understudies yet, is it? 
My father has had enough of Les Mis now, so I have to pay for the last two tickets:( I think he though I'd prefer not, and just not bother going a second time at all:D  We're also going to see at least one other musical- I'm trying to chose between Wicked, Rent, Avenue Q and Chicago. Anyone who want to recommend one of them? I need help! I'm currently most positive towards Wicked, because of the storyline, and I need to figure out what the big buzz is about. But I haven't made a decision yet!

In other news, I'll see Fiddler on the Roof in Oslo next month, and perhaps Starlight Express too, in September. I've been bitten by the musical-basil;) 
We had a musical as a part of my confirmation to, or at least they called it a musical. I would have called it a drama with chorus numbers. I was in the chorus, and in the solo group. The solo-group was nearly everyone who sang--I know of about ten people, and me and three other had the solo. It went very well though, but we managed to start singing to early on one verse:(

And I can't believe how little time I've spent on the computer lately; I've been reading a lot. When I was younger, I used to spend all day reading, I nearly started doing that now too. But I made some time for my e-mail and fic-reading too, not to mention reading up on broadway:) I'll post a list over all things i've read, seen and heard lately-- It'll include stuff like Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas! And Drew!), A place of Greater Safety (Camille!), Blood Bound (fan-girling of Ben, of all people), Hornblower (Bush!), and Spiderman 3 (James Franco, of course). And that I've re-discovered my love for anything roman:)

Expect a new entry in a couple of days. And please tell if if there's something in New York--Except Broadway, statue of liberty, Empire State Building, and boat trip--that you recommend!


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