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For my own reference, movies watched 2009-2011
list... )

All musicals filmed as "Live on Stage" have been removed from this list.
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For my own reference, a continuously updated list detailing my progress for Project "Watch All The Movies Starring These Three Actors".
Movies listed in approx. order of date watched, as far as I can recall.

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Of all the areas of life where some sense of dedication would be useful, this is the one I pick...
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Happy New Year, everyone! I intended to post this entry last night, but that obviously never happened... I'll probably backdate this entry in a couple of days.

There are a couple of things I'd like to talk about, so expect another entry in a while, but for now, in keeping with the tradition: Books and Movies of 2011!

Books of 2011 )

Top ten movies watched for the first time in 2011, in no particular order:

- Elle s'appelait Sarah/Sarah’s Key
- X-Men; First Class
- District 9
- True Grit (2010)
- The Sting
- The Bridge on the River Kwai
- A Night to Remember (1958, Titanic film)
- Les Misérables (1972)
- Phantom of the Opera; Live at the Royal Albert Hall (more on this below. Not without its problems, but somehow I've managed to rewatch it three times within the last week. I've never been more than a casual fan at most, but I'm apparently in the mood for this show right now)

Movies of 2011 (LONG list)... )
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I'm taking the bus to Oslo tomorrow morning to look at a flat. I'm not exactly enthused by the photos I've seen so far, but location, bathroom and rent make it well worth a proper look. I did find one flat I adored, but it was already rented out by the time we got around to inquiring:( Let's hope they simply forgot to photograph the living room area of the one I'm going to see tomorrow, because otherwise they're definitely lying about the flat's surface area.

I've spent the last few days watching various Les Mis film/mini-series adaptions for the first time, in-between hunting for flats. 1972, 1958 and 1934, in that order. I've taken a bit too many notes on a couple of those to fit into my end-of-the-year media roundup post, so posting them all here instead. In short, why did I not get my hands on these adaptions sooner?:)

Qui êtes-vous? Personne...*wibble* )

So, adaptions I have watched so far: 1934, 1958, 1972, 1978, 1982, 1998, 2000 (French, not the shorter English one), some of Shoujo Cosette (I am amused by the fact that Marius can hardly step outside his door without running into Courfeyrac in this one)

Adaptions available to watch once I feel like it: 1935, 1952, the very long Italian one, rest of the anime. Right now, urgency on this score is the last thing on my mind...
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Hustle series 7 episode 4 "Benny's Funeral" was for me definitely the most enjoyable series 7 episode so far. Massive, I mean it, MASSIVE, spoilers behind the cut )

I also finally got around to watching District 9. Wrote way more than usual about it in the document created for the purpose, so I thought I might as well share it now, rather than when I sum up the films I've watched in 2011 next December. Nothing I'd call a considerable spoiler below, but discretion is a virtue.

No Humans Allowed (I feel I've sunk far, utilising such a silly catch-phrase as my cut text... )
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Happy New Year everybody! Less than three hours left of 2010 for me now. I've had both good and bad times a-plenty this year, but overall I'd say it has been a good one. Moving to Trondheim really is one of the best decisions I've ever made! Travelled back last night, since I have homework (?!?) due right after the vacation, which means I'm celebrating New Years eve without my parents for the first time ever:(

In keeping with the tradition, as established as recently last year, here's a list of the books I've read and the films I've watched this year. I'm embarrassed and slightly horrified I only managed to read 27 books in a whole year...

Books of 2010 )

Films of 2010 )

I just finished season 2 of "The A-Team". The second half in particular (last 12 episodes or so) is awesome.
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I'm annoyed by LJ's new welcoming page/"home". They've removed the only textbox I found useful, and added new ones I know I'll never use! As far as I know that page can't be customised either:(

I'm clearing up my backlog containing things I intended to post, so here are my books and movies of January 2010 and a Les Mis meme. Sherlock Holmes really needs its own post as well...

Books of 2010: January )

Films of 2010: January ) Les Mis Meme )

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas. Once again I've let it go a long time between updates, but here I am again. I'll do another post soonish, as Les Mis in Copenhagen was one of the greatest productions I've ever seen (I had a significantly different cast than [ profile] 10littlebullets) and I have to rant a bit about some personal issues. For now though, I'll just post two lists; one with the books I've read this year, and another one for the movies I've watched for the first time.

I had some vague ambitions of managing to read at least 50 books in 2009, but the days when I could sit down and read all day long are gone. Seems strange that my attention span should deteriorate instead of improving with age, but that seems to be the case. If anyone wants me to say something about a particular book, just ask.


Books read in 2009.... )

And here are the movies I've watched for the first time this year:



Movies of 2009... )


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(I just posted two Les Mis reviews, if you haven't seen them yet)

The last two weeks have been a horror, I've never in my life been this busy. We've had a test/presentation/assignment/something-to-prepare-for every single day! Luckily, it's over now, only my English presentation on Perth (Australia) left. I'm mostly finished with it, but I have not seen my partner's work yet, and I think we have to practice a lot. His oral English is pretty bad, I discovered a couple of days ago, while his written English appears to be decent enough. Some coaching may become necessary.

I've pretty much ensured top marks in three of my finishing subjects (English, Geography and Science), though I think I may have messed up in Social Science. I'm very uncertain about my last test, but on the other hand, Viola does not grade very strictly, so it's a possibility. Four 6's out of four finishing subjects would be amazing, but I can hardly complain about three either:)

Mum and dad visited France, so I was home alone last week. It was great, being left in peace with my work, but kind of boring as well. Also, this meant I did not get to see part 1 of the Che Guevara movie, since it only played five evenings at my local cinema. Mum would freak if I tried to ride my bike home, alone, at 23.30 in the evening, understandably enough, and my grandmother (our closest neighbour) would be bound to notice (and report it), so I refrained. I also didn't bother to celebrate our National Day (17th of May) much, I only barbecued at Camilla's house with some friends. I had to leave at 20.30 though, to finish up my preparations for a sort of mock oral exam I had the 18th. My parents arrived home the same day, mum red as a lobster:) They'd bought me the Faubourg 36 soundtrack (I still adore that movie. I saw it twice at the cinema in France last year, and I've watched my DVD with French subtitles four times. I even managed to convince my teacher to watch it in class;)), a French copy of Pride and Prejudice and, to my great surprise, a shirt which actually fits!

Quite a lot of Star Trek... )

Four of my friends and I are going to Göteborg/Gothenburg the 24/25th June! We'll take the train early Wednesday morning, spend the day at Liseberg (best amusement park there is reasonably close to home), stay the night at the Norwegian Church Abroad/Seamen's Church, shop and visit Universum before going home. We're hoping we'll be able to buy family tickets for Universum, since Nita will be 18, I'll be 17, and Thea (her birthday's the 28th), Tina and Natascha will be 16. Seems like those over 17 goes as adults there. It'll be great fun, I hope!
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Turns out I haven't updated this journal the last thirteen weeks 0_O! I've thought about it now and then, but it has never come to anything, and time seems to pass faster when I watch the "number of weeks since last update" counter grow:)

A quick recap of the last couple of months:

Here )

...Twilight...yes )

School-related stuff:

We won't receive our grades until 20. January, strangely enough. I think I will be reasonably pleased, but I'll have to improve a bit. Four of my grades will be final this summer; English, Science, Geography and Social Studies. My English teacher told me she would give me a 6 (!!!), and there's a small chance I will get one in Science (which is very strange, since it used to be my most hated theoretical subject, until this year), and the others are both pretty strong 5's. My Norwegian grades are really bad, but I might manage to scrape a 5 in Bokmål at least.

This term, I've had some experience with bad grades for the first time, which is probably healthy. First, there was a test I got 4- on, in Math, (but just about the whole class failed, so it will be disregarded. Lucky me;)), and then my Norwegian teacher gave me a 3, when I wrote a fairy-tale in nynorsk. That is the singularly worst grade I have ever received, not counting my first term grade in P.E, three years ago (another 3). But, I take my reaction to these grades as a sign of having matured a bit more; last year, I would without a doubt started crying the moment I got home, now I don't care as much. I have until 2011, if not even later (see below) to fix my Norwegian grade, so it doesn't matter.

I'm thinking of taking a break between my second and third year of schooling, and instead taking a year abroad, through EF. I'm thinking of taking what's called EF Multi-Language year; nine months spent on two or three different locations, learning two or three different languages. It sounds very fun, but I haven't quite decided yet. My original plan was taking an EF High School Year instead of my second year, but I gave up on that, and now it's too late anyway (My reason for giving up was simply the fact that I want to take the available electives here next year;)). It'll will cost me quite a bit of money, and I just can't stand the thought of wasting it, so I have to weigh the pros and cons carefully, but come on, how amazing wouldn't it be to spend nine months in London, Paris and München (Munich) (my top three wishes), studying just English, French and German? Living arrangements will be a problem, as I want to avoid having to live with a family at all costs, and it seems like that's the only option in München. London is one thing, I wouldn't have a problem with communication, and in Paris I would at least have some experience with the language, enough to make my wishes known, but I don't speak German at all (I can sing songs from Rebecca, and it's close enough to Norwegian for me to understand quite a bit, but that's it. If I'm lucky I'll get it as an elective next year). In Germany, I would expect most people to speak English, but still... 

I'll probably update again sometime this week, as it is time to chose electives for next year. I have a lot to say on that subject:)
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France Autumn 2008. Most of this was actually written while being in France, and I didn't have much to do, so I'm rambling quite a lot at times.

Read more )

School began 16 hours after I got home, so I feel I haven’t gotten much out of my vacation, but it wasn’t so bad. I’ve two grades I’m very pleased with (Science, 6/5, and Social Science, 5+), and one I’m very disappointed with: Norwegian (bokmål) writing, only 4/5. Something including a “4” in any way I would expect in a subject like P.E. or Arts/Crafts (I’m finally rid of the latter, by the way!), it just doesn’t happen in any subject involving writing. But at least it sounds like my teacher would have liked to give me a higher grade; mine and one other student’s piece was handed to another teacher, to make sure the grading was consistent what other teacher’s would have given. My other grades are okay, still no nasty shocks. Could have been better though.

I watched “Les Choristes” today. It was directed by the same director who did Faubourg 36, and included two of the actors as well. Another lovely movie, but not quite as good as Faubourg in my opinion. Wish the kids involved in musical theatre were as good as the boy playing Morhange.

Les Mis in Bergen this weekend! Am excited, but slightly apprehensive. Just realised I have a test in geography on Monday, so I’ll have to bring my text-book. Well, I know most of it already, I just have to learn the difference between rock-types. For some reason, I’m completely unable to remember that part of the chapter.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, directly after school, few hours before we’re leaving. Hope I’ll manage to keep from choking on the thing they’ll stuff into my mouth when they take pictures.
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Lets start with the bad things:

And now the positive things!

1. I've cut my hair, and I'm very pleased with it! I have a fringe! I haven't had that in five years or so, and it's a very refreshing change. The result is far better than last time I decided to do something drastic with my hair, then it turned out to be too short, and it took me two weeks to be able to walk past a mirror without flinching.

2. I'm very pleased with my grades! Only second best in my class, but I really admire Alex for managing to get 8 6's (!!!). I beat him in English and French, but he's very much better than me in P.E. and Arts & Crafts. I'm slightly bitter about losing my 6 in written Norwegian, but I knew that was going to happen anyway. All in all, I was very positively surprised; two 4's, five 5's and six 6's:)

3. Natascha and I have started to watch movie-musicals together, and we're having a wonderful time. After seeing Rent she started shipping Roger/Mark, and we have a few ongoing jokes about Gringoire after Notre Dame de Paris. We most recently saw The Producers, and I've managed to develop a small obsession with it. It's exactly the kind of musical I try to avoid (frivolous. I want to see litanies of woe), but I've lost count of how many times I've watched it, I'm addicted, I've even watched two dubs. Hard to pick out any favourite scenes, but if I had to, I'd say King of Broadway, Betrayed, and the scene they have in the movie to replace the song Where did we go right. Nathan Lane is truly brilliant, and I love both Matthew Broderick and Will Ferrell. Natascha detested Ulla, but while I didn't like the character I though Uma Thurman was rather sweet. Her voice was a bit weak at some points. Seeing John Barrowman with blond hair is a slightly traumatic experience, but he still somehow manages to be hot. The fact that Roger is played by Gary Beach amuse me:)

I've also watched Chicago and Moulin Rouge, and I like them both rather well. Moulin Rouge took me two tries, though. I had no idea Ewan could sing so well:) And I find David Wenham playing Audrey hilarious:)

I have read/watched tons of books and movies that I want to review, but I don't know where to start *sigh*. Perhaps I'll drop it.
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 Happy belated birthday to [profile] brittlesmile. Hope you had a wonderful day:)

I had my mock oral yesterday, it went okay, I got a 5.  It was rather strange actually, I went around with my heart in my throat for two days (...I confess, I had a little crying-fit on wednesday, as I was plagued by a headache and had only managed to write three pages of complete shit) but then I spent the last half hour before I went to school playing piano, and I suddenly felt...calm. My hands didn't even start to shake during the exam. I think I've finally found a cure to my problem!:)

I've bought myself the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, and it is extremely shiny! I've have the extended versions of The Two Towers and Return of the King since they were released, but this is my third version of FotR. Dad bought me the VHS the summer it was released (I was never permitted to see it in cinema), and then I later bought the "normal" DVD. This has 30 more minutes of footage than the cinema edition, including Gimli falling for Galadriel:) (That is relevant. I asked dad if he had any idea of why Legolas and Gimli suddenly became best friends, and he didn't). I also loved the part with the Sackville-Bagginses and the Gaffer. As I said, extremely shiny. I spent all of today watching the movie and the appendices, so I've had a great time:)

Does anyone of you know any good friendship poems or similar in English or French (Norwegian would also be okay)? One of my new friends have given me a book to write in, and I can't even remember any of the old verses we used to write.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] icicaille! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

I got home from France this sunday, without troubles, even though the windspeed was crazy. We weren't so lucky when we arrived. The airport in Marseilles closed because of mist, and we had to land in Nice, and sleep on the airport. This was at 00.30 o'clock. They provided flat-beds, since we were flying with Ryanair, and They can't give people hotel rooms, like other normal airlines:( Of course, they could not provide blanket either, so I woke up freezing. But it turned out well in the end, I changed our car-reservation, and the rest of the holiday passed without trouble. During the week we lived in two wonderful small suites (One of them was in an old mansion, in Digne. Filled with original, or at least cleverly copied, furniture. I was in heaven! Though I could have dropped the 7 dish gourmet dinner. I love my father's gourmet dinners, but this just tasted horrible). I had my own room the period we spent at the school, and then a rather crappy room again (again freezing!).

I also discovered the most adorable little village about 15 minutes south of Digne, with absolutely amazing rock-formations. Nearly unbelievable:)

I'm noticing improvements in my French! I can translate and get a meaning out of nearly any sign, poster and restaurant meny I come over, and I often manage to follow what's being talked about on the radio and television. I order my food without hesitation too:) I watched a lovely french movie earliy in the week, and afterwards I bough the Cyrano de Bergerac DVD with Gerard Dépardieu. I love it, but I'm nearly happy it isn't subtitled, as I don't  think I would have felt up to reading all that poetry. It's pretty when recited, and I don't even always understand the gist, but completely ridiculous:)

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Once again, I managed to get sick. A bit more serious now, throat-infection with a tiny ear-infection on the side (I didn't even think that was possible. Apparently it is). So, I've been having fever for two weeks, my throat hurt terribly, and I cough until I start dry heaving on a regular basis. Fun. I got sick in the weekend and mum spent all of sunday telling me I had to go to school. The on monday I felt well enough, but it turned out I had a temperature of 39,5 celsius (103 fahrenheit). Then mum actually refused to let me go to school for two days, which is truly astonishing:)

I'm leaving for Sandefjord sunday, and our flight to London is sometime Monday morning. Monday night we'll see Les Mis, LotR on wednesday, and then Les Mis again on thursday (I just know the whole theatre are going to hate me, after I''ve finished coughing). I'm seriously tempted to go to see Phantom again (Ramin! And it's dad's favourite musical), but I think we'll drop Fiddler. The only tickets I can find goes for 95 pounds, and it isn't worth that much. Apparently, Assassins just closed at the Landor Theatre, and it had Jeff Nicholson playing Guiteau. That would have been brilliant:( I've decided Wicked definitely isn't worth seeing, I read the book (Fiyero is love) and enjoyed parts of it, but most of it annoyed me. And there's only one song I can stand in the score, No Good Deed (I love that one though). The Wizard and I is standable when John Barrowman sings it:)


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First: Happy belated birthday to [profile] lionhill! Also Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to her, and everyone else!
Second: My last post is now updated, and has been for a while, with Act 2 of Scarlet Pimpernel Lillestrøm.

Apparently I haven't updated for five weeks. Which means I've tons of things to write about now. This has for me been the big TV/Movie/Book month, which has been a very refreshing change. I had another dry period on the internet, nothing much interesting to find. Seems to be remedied now though.

The TV-Month started with me catching episodes of Stargate SG-1 (season 4) and Seinfeld. These shows air nearly everyday on Viasat 4, a wonderful channel I've recently discovered (This channel has also convinced me I'll never again try to watch any other form of Star Trek than Voyager, though Data was kinda cute at times).
I've also caugth 5 episodes of Supernatural (mostly on Swedish TV), and decided I liked  it. Erh...the father is the same actor who played Denny on Grey's Anaomy! I was surprised when I discovered this. But I can't say I like his character so much.

Heroes gets its own header:) I did see parts of or whole episodes on TV before Christmas, and I liked it, but I wasn't addicted until I got season 1 episode 1-11 as a gift. And not even until the end. After each episode, I though to myself: "It's a good show, but I'm not addicted." Then came ep 11, and suddely I was. I found the later episodes on the net, and I have now watched the entire season 1. The episodes keeps getting better, but my favourite is 1.17 (Company Man), which was the last one which aired here. I love Claude:) And his accent:) Incidentally, I also got the first season of Doctor Who, which I'm checking out because everyone talks about it. I'm not overly enthustiatic about the premise of the show (Torchwood sounds a lot better), but now at least I'm motivated because of Christopher Eccleston:) I will begin to watch soon. I have decided I won't not go ahead and watch Heroes season 2 yet, and instead just wait for it, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to keep that vow. I'm probably going to crack within a week or two:(

And this was all I had time to write today. I will update with my grades (described in one word? YAY!) and New Year school ball (which is tomorrow) later. Will include talk about books and holidays:)
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I've planned to write that SP review for days now, but I really never feel like doing it. It was a good experience, but some rather horrible singers/actors/flats. Percy was awesome though;) This will be expanded upon. In the meantime, a very rambling entry.

I went to see the new Elizabeth movie with dad the other day. I enjoyed it. Cate Blanchet and Geoffrey Rush (hee! Barbossa! Notice how I ignore Javert. Though I don't hate that movie, he was a strange Javert. Though not as strange as in '82) are both good. Mary Stuart had a horrible accent, which really bothered me. I loved Clive Owen, but then I always do:) Good movie, but a bit long. Not a very interesting plot. I haven't seen the last movie, but it didn't matter much to me. 

I actually caught the end of The Virgin Queen on TV last night, and I re-discovered my love for Joseph Fiennes:) I think I'll actually see the whole thing sometime, just for him.  (I saw a discussion at his IMDB page, about him playing Greyback in Half-Blood Prince. I hope not! Though Tom Riddle senior would be great.). 

I'm also planning to see that mini-series, which dad apparently has seen. He commented upon the movie having the same plot as the series...yes, he realized how stupid that sounded after a couple of seconds. I had a similar moment under Virgin Queen, I thought "Hey, that man is wearing Shakespeare pants! And then "duh, I just learned about the elizabethan theatre. They lived at the same time." Silly me:) 

I think I love Elizabeth movies for three reasons: Clive Owen, Joseph Fiennes and Jeremy Irons:) See icon.

(school is killing me, at the moment. By the way, I learned my schedule, [profile] lionhill: Mocks next week, then real mocks (entirely like exams) after Christmas, and then exams. Might throw in another not real mock too:)

[profile] lionhill also reminded me of: I have tickets for London (and West End!) in February! Two Les Mis nights at row 3 or so, and one at LotR. Me paying. Dad happy, since my mum has allowed me to go to Les Mis alone one of the nights:) I wonder which other musicals I shall see cheap? Wicked? And [personal profile] duva, you failed at reassuring me of LotR. I'm still worried for my beloved.
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OMG! I found it!!!!
When I was about eight, I really wanted to see some kind of movie, I don’t remember which one, and I asked my dad to rent it for me. He rented the wrong movie, and I was very disappointed, especially since the one he rented was in English. Animated movies in English just sounded wrong to me (I still think they do. Norwegian casting is better, except in very few cases, and most English voice-actors can't even sing their own songs). But I watched the movie, and didn't like it very much. For some reason, I rented it another time, and this time I l adored it. Then, three years ago, I desperately wanted to see it again, but of course, it was impossible to find. I think it is a bit obscure. I was desperate enough to actually write this note, and show it to people in stores:

I feel this day has been my first relaxed moment since I got home. The new school-system is awesome, but really tiring. Monday we had four lectures and French, tuesday three lectures, thursday two lectures. Each lecture consisted of twenty minutes, and the rest of the day we worked with a list of things we had to do. Wednesday we went ice-skating, and played golf (not not my thing, at all), Friday we finished our work, had a test about what we should have learned this week, and then two hours of French. This form of work suits me much better, as we could choose what to work with when, and do it in our own pace, as long as it was finished friday. No more useless lessons, aimed at those...who find learning difficult. But we had quite a lot to do, hence the exhaustion. I'm very pleased with it though.

Tales of France forthcoming. With pictures. And this time I actually wrote proper notes *be shocked everyone*.  There, I saw an Enjolras. Or an angel, depending on how you want to look at it. Beautiful...this it what I should have taken pictures of. This entry will also have my thoughts on a few musicals (I have a new favourite to add to my list). 

I'm still abusing (), but I haven't written "definitely" one single time! Improvement!

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Notre Dame de Paris has been my favourite musical the last two weeks. I listen to it constantly. Three days ago, I randomly decided to listen to the English recording, and now I can't get "Cast away " out of my head. I also played it for my best friend, and she  immediately wanted me to send it to her:) I was a bit confused about the recordings, though. I figured out that the recording advertised in trading comms lately as the French Highlights is actually the french concept, as the French highlights doesn't exist, the english recording is sometimes referred to as the OLC, sometimes not...but I ended up buying the ridiculously costly complete french recording off I'll get it around 10h October. I feel like I'm wasting money, but I love owning musical CD's so... It's hard to chose any favourite songs, as I like most of them, but special favourites is Belle, Les Cloches, Cast Away, I'm a Priest, Your Love Will Kill Me. The only female-sung song I can stand is La Monture, which I like very much. I love Daniel Lavoie. I pity everyone English who plays Gringoire, having to sing "moooooon". "Luuuuune" is at least pretty.

Also finished the book! Amazing how listening to the musical can make me finish a book in only a few hours:) The problem is that I picked up my copy in the children part of the library, and therefore it's abridged. I only made it to page 50 or so in the un-abridged edition, and of course they had to cut the only part I found really interesting; the backstory of Frollo and his brother. And Jehan isn't even called Jehan, only "Mill-Jean". Now I'll have to read the un-abridged version, of course. I quite liked the book, but it isn't a favourite of mine.  I liked Gringoire, though I got some heavy Aberforth-vibes of him. "Shall I save the beautiful girl I'm kinda-married to, or the lovely goat?";)

Yesterday I went to the cinema by myself, seeing Stardust. It looked horribly silly in the trailer, but I had to follow my principle of seeing every single fantasy movie I come over, even if i haven't read the book. I needn't worried, as I thought it was a wonderful movie! And beautiful, just look at this. Slightly strange that I mentioned Nathaniel Parker in my last post, and he turns up playing the father. And the guy playing King Caspian as his young self. I'm looking forward to those two movies, as they are my favourite Narnia-books. Septimus is all kinds of awesome! I also loved all the princes:) I'm definitely going to buy this one.

Also, here's [personal profile] duva 's meme. Everyone's welcome to try:)

Meme )
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I just came back from seeing Shrek 3. I disliked the first one, loved the second one, and this one is something in between.  All the references to different fairytales and legends (Lancelot picking on Arthur:)) were amusing, though the story was way to moral for me. Like Artie's little speech onstage. What came before that was kinda awesome though. Everyone were fighting, and then Artie yelled stop. I seriously expected him to stand there with a torch and a barrel filled with gunpowder, á la Marius;) And of course the musical/play was hilarious:) Puss is still the most adorable thing ever (like when he came up from the water! Someone in the theatre exclaimed "Poor thing!") but not nearly as funny as before.

I also saw Fracture last week. Anthony Hopkins was brilliant as always, and Ryan Gosling hilarious. The movie should seriously have been called a comedy:) Rosamund Pike's eyes drove me mad. Loved Cliff Curtis, who played in Runaway Jury. For some reason, Billy Burke reminded me of a much more attractive version of Inspector Lynley. Had he been playing the title role, I assure you I would have watched it more often. Not that Nathaniel Parker half-bad either, he's just a little...old. Four (I believe) whole years older than Billy Burke:)

School... )
EDIT: Look at this: It's from a short animation with Scrat from Ice Age, called No Time For Nuts. It's not very funny, but this, along with the David statue,  is my favourite moment. You can see it here, but this is not the entire thing. You have to buy it from itunes:(


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