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Friday I saw Les Mis in Oslo! Some great singers, and all in all, I think this is the best Norwegian production since Trondheim, though Bergen had better barricade scenes and Lillestrøm seemed to work somewhat better as a production.

It opened in February, but this was my first trip. Due to being busy with school, I kind of forgot about it, and waited ridiculously long before ordering my tickets. The whole family have tickets for the performance on Wednesday, as that was the first date available that fit our schedules. Friday we were going to Oslo anyway, to look at a car (we did buy it, and my father has listed me as co-owner! Oh dear, I'm growing up too fast), and I decided to call the ticket office, even though the website claimed all tickets were sold. I got the last seat in the house, first row in the left section of the balcony. I had to lean forward to see what happened on the far left of the stage, but it was a quite good seat. I'll post my review sometime later this week, after seeing it again.

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I survived mock exam week, and I'm very pleased with myself. I spent all of last weekend reading my maths textbook (while sunbathing, I might add. We've had some lovely weather), and while I expect plenty of mistakes in part 1, my teacher said I had done very well in part 2. I won't get my grade until Friday, but since it will not matter (I'm taking an easier course next year, only 3 lessons a week) I'm not overly worried. I just got back my English, and all Irene had to say was "Stupendous!". I whooped when I got my grade, it was a 6! Anyone surprised when I say I thought it had gone rather badly?;) The theme was personal values, and the task I chose was to write about which personal values I thought was important within an occupation of my choice. I chose the occupation of a lawyer, which in hindsight I realize could have ended badly, due to the terminology. I spent a paragraph explaining words like lawyer, solicitor, barrister, attorney, notary, advocate and legal counsel and discussing the differences between them, plus dropping words like prosecution and verdict on numerous occasions.

I also know what electives I'll get next year; I wanted International English, German I, a subject where we learn about law which I can't translate the name of and History & Philosophy. I got into everything but German, there won't be enough students to have a proper class. I did not really expect them to start one, so I'm very pleased:) I think I'll borrow a "teach-yourself-German" book from the library if I ever get the time.

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 Happy belated birthday to [profile] brittlesmile. Hope you had a wonderful day:)

I had my mock oral yesterday, it went okay, I got a 5.  It was rather strange actually, I went around with my heart in my throat for two days (...I confess, I had a little crying-fit on wednesday, as I was plagued by a headache and had only managed to write three pages of complete shit) but then I spent the last half hour before I went to school playing piano, and I suddenly felt...calm. My hands didn't even start to shake during the exam. I think I've finally found a cure to my problem!:)

I've bought myself the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, and it is extremely shiny! I've have the extended versions of The Two Towers and Return of the King since they were released, but this is my third version of FotR. Dad bought me the VHS the summer it was released (I was never permitted to see it in cinema), and then I later bought the "normal" DVD. This has 30 more minutes of footage than the cinema edition, including Gimli falling for Galadriel:) (That is relevant. I asked dad if he had any idea of why Legolas and Gimli suddenly became best friends, and he didn't). I also loved the part with the Sackville-Bagginses and the Gaffer. As I said, extremely shiny. I spent all of today watching the movie and the appendices, so I've had a great time:)

Does anyone of you know any good friendship poems or similar in English or French (Norwegian would also be okay)? One of my new friends have given me a book to write in, and I can't even remember any of the old verses we used to write.
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Happy belated birthday to [profile] fancyspinner. Hope you had a great day! My best friend had her birthday-party yesterday, we went bowling. It was great fun:) I was the best at bowling, but I'm truly horrible at dancing platform games. And me who loves to dance:(

I love my new desktop:) 

I'm listening to the English audiobook "The Vampire Lestat", and I like it very much. I've never really liked vampires, but I seem to be developing a thing for them. The book is much better than "Interview with the Vampire", at least at the moment. I'll never get used to hear Nicolas pronounced without a "s". The reader and I have different opinions regarding English pronunciation too (especially three words), but I'm not arrogant enough to assume I have the correct one:)

Had my math and norwegian mock exams this week. Not my best, but passable. I'm very pleased with my nynorsk  (I listened to my ipod that day, and Hayden Tee's "Roundabout in Paris" came on. I nearly laughed of loud. I had heard it once before, but now I actually paid attention to the lyrics. Who came up with that?;))
I thought for certain part 1 (of 3) of the math went horrible, but we got to look at it yesterday, and I got 20/22. I'm relieved. I probably won't get another 6, but I'll survive. But friday we had a test in politics, and for the first time in my life, I had to turn in an un-finished test. Am positively horrified. We have a new teacher in that class (who ought to rant about, as I really dislike her as a teacher), and my christmas grades depends on my ability to impress her. Must start studying harder for that class.

In a few hours (5 o'clock in the morning...I'm not going to bed tonight) we leave for a holiday in France. We've rented the same flat as last year, in Sainte Maxime. We were supposed to go with our friends from Trondheim, but something came up:( This year I think we're going to travel more in the direction of Marseilles, instead of Cannes, Nice and Monaco, which is great. They are very nice, but it gets boring to visit the same cities over and over again. I'll be back next sunday, hopefully with a tan, and hopefully after having spoken a tiny bit french:) 

*must finish packing*
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I dreamed about reading Christian Caron tonight. I love that fic, even if I'm irritated by the general stupididy of the characters, and the more boring parts. Naturally, I'm re-reading it now. I'm really reading to much fanfiction:) And I still have 14 unread books in my bookcase (my local library had a sale of old books. Amazingly, I found Lord of the Flies!). But I just can't get myself to read anything else than fanfiction, after my little book-marathon earlier this month.

I have to much spare time. May 17th was the norwegian nationalday, so we got time of from school that day after the celebration, and by defeult friday to. And then there's this weekend, before we have a reading day on monday, in preparation for our mock exams The theme for the english one is a chapter in our book, called Music, Movies and Litterature. Should be interesting! Unfortunatly, the theme for the norwegian is climate, something I don't care for at all:( 
But I'm not complaining about my little holiday, for I'm gonna need it. Tuesday my class are going to a combined bike/tent trip, which I'm not looking foreward to. We're going to have to bike 2,3 miles (norwegian ones!!!!). I'm pretty sure I'm going to collapse, no matter how careful I am:( And we have to bika back too, on wednesday. But we get more time of after that. And on friday we have the English mock exam. This is a messed up week:)

I slept until 2.30 pm today....I couldn't help it, I was lazy, and I couldn't sleep last night! I sat up watching Restoration. I love David Thewlis:)

Now I have to go watch 'Allo, 'allo.


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