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Watched Lost. I can't believe how much I've missed it:) Much love to Sayid, Sawyer and Desmond <3 And poor Hurley:(

The Jack/Ianto scene in Torchwood 2.3 was adorable <3. And Ianto kept hanging about around him:)  I enjoyed the plot of the episode reasonably well. Owen finally seems more likable too, which is great.

Seems like I can't go two days without hurting myself at the moment. I got something between my teeth wednesday, worried it all night, and ended up cutting myself in the tongue:( And yesterday, in P.E. a girl hit me in the eye, pretty hard. I'm not sure if it was her hand or elbow, but anyway, exchanging pea-bags is a dangerous activity:) My contact lens flew right out of my eye, so obviously it could have been really dangerous (last year a teacher actually lost his cornea when someone hit him with a ball to the side of his head). Feels like I ought to have a black eye, but luckily, I don't. 

Act 1 of the Les Mis July 24th DVD is online, and I got it, along with some other things I've been dying to get. The quality is horrible, but I absolutely adore it (and Maxie seems to have had a very good day)!
cynicale: Drew Sarich, Leanne Dobinson, Jon Robyns and Nancy Sullivan (Eiffel tower)

I just saw the newest episode of Lost. It was about Hurley and the car/minibus. Cute:) I liked the Hurley/Charlie/Sawyer/Jin interaction, and especially Hurley slapping Charlie:) But I always get depressed after seeing Lost lately. Poor, cute Sawyer:(
But I giggled several times:)

Had my English mock exam today, it went okay. Could have been better, but I'm confident on my character. And yesterday there was math, there I'm SURE I'll get  5 or better. It was much easier than the last one (5-).

This weekend, I was entirely without any computer at all, as the mouse didn't have batteries. I had to wait for my father coming home from Manchester (Football!) on Tuesday, for OF COURSE my mother couldn't buy batteries, and I wouldn't know where to go, or recognise the right kind. So, in my desperation, I went to the library at Monday and spent a few hours there. I borrowed Victor Hugo's 1793  ( or Ninety-Three, Quatrevingt-treize in English/French) and Jane Austen's Emma. 

I'm really into everything french at the moment! (I just felt I had to say that)


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