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In my last entry, I talked about the two trips to London I’ve taken in the last few months, but I neglected to say anything specific about the shows I caught while there. I’ll have a round-up post ready in a few days, detailing my experiences with the “other” shows, but for now here’s my impression of the «new» cast of Les Misérables at Queen’s Theatre.

If you’re relatively new to this journal, know this: I love Les Mis with all my heart, and if I sound overly critical it’s just because I have a very firm set of expectations. I know how good it can be. Tastes differ, however, so the average theatregoer or different fan might not always agree with my opinions on the subject.

This review covers the following three performances (for me, #34-36): The 11th of July (Jonathan Williams as alternate Valjean), 28th of September Matinee (Christopher Jacobsen as u/s Valjean, Shaun Dalton as u/s Javert, Scott Garnham as u/s Enjolras), 3rd of October (Jonathan Williams as alternate Valjean, Shaun Dalton as u/s Javert) 2011.

Review )

Like I said, criticising it is just my way of showing my love.

Dream Cast

As a point of interest, if I currently had to choose a personal Dream Cast, these would be my choices (my only prerequisite is having seen them perform live at least once):

Valjean – Jonathan Williams
Javert - Robert Hunt, I guess? He’s the one that springs to mind, at least.
Fantine – Caroline Sheen
Marius – Jon Robyns
Cosette – Leanne Dobinson (followed by Katie Hall)
Éponine – Nancy Sullivan (more because I like her than her being perfect, though)
Enjolras – David Thaxton
Grantaire - Michael Minarik or Jeff Nicholson, I guess.

Couldn’t care less about the Thénardiers. Chip Zien/Greg Castiglioni/Roy Litvin and ?
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While in London I also attended a performance of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap", apparently a must-see piece. It has been running since 1952, so it's clearly popular. I enjoy good crime-dramas on the telly, such as Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost, Foyle's War and so on, but I must confess I've never been a fan of the Agatha Christie adaptions, nor the one book I tried reading once. I think it's because I never found her characters to be particularly engaging. In sum, I decided to watch a crime-drama, not a Christie piece.

The Mousetrap )

A few weeks ago I attended a live-transmission of the final performance of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold" at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. It was steamed in HD to my local cinema, and I only had to pay some 25 pounds to see it. "Das Rheingold" is the first of the four operas in the "Der Ring des Nibelungen" sequence, which also "Die Walküre" is a part of.

Das Rheingold )
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The 25th Anniversary concert at the O2 arena was obviously the primary reason I chose to go to to London during this particular weekend, as it was one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" events I'd have hated to miss. We were quite worried about getting to and from the O2 arena, as there was a strike on the Jubilee-line scheduled for that evening, but that didn't end up being a problem. We made sure to leave our hotel very early though, just to ensure we didn't miss it. Instead of hanging around without doing anything in particular we decided to watch "Back to the Future" at the cinema. I'm not a fan, and the sound was obnoxiously loud, but it was a quite nice way to pass the time. The best thing about getting there early was the fact that I didn't have to queue to buy my program:)

Date: 3nd of October, evening
Seat: Vis a vis the stage, just half a mile away. One of the 110 tickets, I believe. About 100 pounds at least.
Venue: The 02 arena. It's massive. Gigantic. That's all.

Review )

This is the first time I've used Semagic to post an entry, so if anything looks weird blame that.
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Dad and I spent last weekend in London, and had a great time! The trip and all the theatre tickets I wanted was one of my presents for my 18th birthday - among the best I've ever received:) I have a rather large theatre review backlog at the moment(Les Mis O2 concert, The Mousetrap, Romeo and Juliet in Norway, Iphigeneia in Norway, live transmission of Das Rheingold from the Met), but I'm starting out with the Les Mis tour!

Performance: 2nd of October 2010 matinee, second-to-last performance.
Seat: Row A, slightly to the right of the centre. Dad had what was probably the cheapest ticket in the house, rather high up as far I know.
Venue: Barbican Theatre

It was okay, but I have some issues with what they've done )
All in all, a good afternoon spent! As usual, after seeing Les Mis, I'm back in that particular fandom mood, which is nice:) Been a while since last time. Very good timing too, as I'm reading the book for my thesis-thingy in Norwegian class. Soon finished with book two now (...only four to go, less than two weeks to get there...I've already skimmed quite a few pages I know won't be useful).
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Here are my thought on the musicals I've recently seen, as promised in my last post:)


Let others rise, to take our place, until the earth is free! )


Sunset Boulevard, Destination for the stony-hearted... )


He could be a star for all we know... )


Telll me it's not true... )


Everyone's a little bit racist, it's true... )


They had it coming! They had it coming! They only had themselves to blame... )


This is a reminder to myself: Check the cast of the musicals you aren't planning to see before ordering tickets. Burn Gorman is in "Oliver!", playing Mr Sikes. I really want to see that. What is it with Torchwood and musicals, anyway? There's John Barrowman, Naoko in Avenue Q, Burn in Oliver!, Gareth in that show he did, though I don’t think that quite qualifies as a musical. Does Eve Myles have any plans for the future?


The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music... )

Feel free to ask if you think I forgot anything of interest:)

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Am leaving for London in a few hours. Yay! Which means Les Mis tomorrow (technically today). Also yay!

 (I dearly hope I'll manage to catch some sleep sometime during the trip, but actual travel in car is limited to 25 minutes, so I guess plane is my greatest hope)
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EDIT: Sorry about the formating, IE decided to eat my lj-cut, and I have to use Opera and HTML-mode to post. So far, I think I hate Opera. Need firefox if IE doesn't decide to work.

Oh my God. I just read what I had to say about the first time I saw Les Mis
in London, in February 2007. I refuse to believe I wrote Lillestrøm
reviews, written a few weeks previously, are decent enough, but I'm
thoroughly horrified by the one from London. I wanted to sink through the
floor in embarrassment. If you happened to read that, I apologise for
sounding like a ten year old:( I would really like to delete and remove all
tracks of everything I wrote before turning 15, but that's rather hard to
actually do...I will try hard to forget, so please don't remind me of it.

Les Misérables 16 August 2008 Matinee and Evening performances review:

Finally )

I think I might hate my English-teacher a little bit. She seems to delight in
jumping down upon people who make mistakes, though luckily I've not been
included so far. I "pleased her heart" when I answered a question in the
right tone to make me sound English, and she said "This is very good" when
reading what I wrote over my shoulder this Thursday. Laughing at students
doesn't seem very proper to me. Her roll-calls are shiny though; instead of
saying "yes"or "present", we have to give her the name of a fruit, a number,
an animal or the like, and she compliments those she thinks are clever. My
crush keeps saying these really obscure things, like "ash fruit", and she loves
him:) For some reason, she liked my "mango", but not my "meat pie".

We have a big drama-project in Norwegian this year: We are going to set up
Romeo and Juliet! Modernised version, of course, which is annoying, but still
shiny:) Everyone have to do something, so I've volunteered as a prompter. I
sort of want to audition for a part, since while I detest taking part in those
small, silly "sketches", I love real theatre, and have some experience from
school plays and "Annie" when I was little. But I've decided not to, since I
think my nerves will be a problem. Lately, I've started shaking when I'm
about to read something for the class, even though I'm perfectly aware of how safe it is to make mistakes.
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Once again, I'll have to postpone my Les Mis review, as I have to write a short-story for school within Tuesday, and I've never felt so uninspired in my life. But here's the pictures I've scanned from my new souvenir-brochure (The Final Battle is totally my new desktop;)). Photobucket seems to have died on me, but they can be downloaded, full size, here:

And here's my review of Blood Brothers:

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I just got back from London! If anyone is thinking about going there in any near future to see Les Mis, and are having doubts about it, let me reassure you: It's  worth it:) Have you heard about how brilliant David Thaxton is, but doubted the credibility of the statement? Fear not, he is that brilliant! I love most of the cast, really.  I had an understudies as Éponine and Thénardier though, so I can't say anything about those principals. I'll write a real review later this week, of both Les Mis and Blood Brothers, but I fear it would make me too depressed at the moment to describe the performances in detail, as school starts tomorrow, and I'm falling to pieces with worry, and Les Mis will remind me of good times lost:( 

I also intended to post my tale of France now, which I wrote while I was in London, but my mum keeps talking about tomorrow, and I'm close to tears, so I think I'll go to bed early today. 
And I'm not really that depressed, since the worst thing that can possibly happen tomorrow is one of those "I'm Anette, what's your name?" introductions in front of the class, and I can live that down. I'm already pretty sure I won't be in the same class as my best friend, so I've gotten used to that thought already, and there will be no nasty shocks tomorrow.

The worst few months in my life were the time I changed school for the first time, three years ago, and I'm really worried this will be the same way. Still, school will finally be more serious business, my school is supposedly one of the best in the district, and that might mean I'll actually learn something I couldn't have done better on my own. (Private lessons = one of my suppressed dreams, Norwegian schools = really bad, if you didn't already know)

I've rediscovered (for real) an old celebrity crush, Paul McGann, and gotten a new obsession: Hornblower! lovelovelove:)
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Not spellchecked, as I don't have time.

LotR.. )




Les Mis.. )
EDIT: Richard Woodford actually knew how to pronounce Juan! But then again, "sjuan"sounds better than "Huan" to my ears anyway...


Mar. 10th, 2008 07:04 pm
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I had a lovely time in London, even if it didn't start out so well. Dad and I left for Sandefjord already on sunday, but after taking the ferry to Horten, we waited for a bus which never arrived for two full hours. It was freezing, but luckily a drunk man who also waited provided some amusement. In the end, we took the next bus to Tønsberg, and then the train to Sandefjord. We arrived to a big room in a lovely hotel, I ate a package of crisps, and promptly threw up. Then the next morning I almost blacked out in the bathroom, but managed to pull myself together. We didn't have any delays at the airport (must be a first!).

Our hotel room in London was...not very accommodating. It was tiny, and the hotel had no service at all. It was also rather far from everything, it was located somewhere in the middle between Basewater and Queensway station (we had to walk an eternity to get to either of them, it seemed)

I managed to give you the wrong dates; I went to Les Mis monday (Joel Elferink as Marius, Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Lord of the Rings tuesday (Stuart Neal as Frodo, Ben Evans as Merry+ understudy Elranien and Steward), Les Mis wednesday (me alone. Roy Litvin as Thénardier), Phantom of the Opera thursday (Nic Greenshields as Phantom, Leila Benn Harris as Christine, and John Addison as Raoul), and once again Les Mis friday (me alone. Roy Litvin still as Thénardier. I think I'm destined to never see Chris Vincent, as he was away last year too). While I was away wednesday and friday, Dad went to see Mamma Mia (finally! End he really enjoyed it....I don't get how from what I've heard of the plot) and We Will Rock You (he thought that had a really lame plot). And  his favourite musical actually is Les Mis, not PotO.
Lovely seats for monday, middle of row 3 in the stalls/orchestra, then on wednesday I moved one seat to the left. We had row seven or so for LotR, to the far left in the Upper circle for PotO, and a rather crappy seat in the upper circle for Les Mis friday.

We didn't really do much else than watch musicals, except we checked out Canary Wharf (that was totally my idea. Anyone who can guess why?;)). Nice area. And that train was just cute:) The same cannot be said about Greenwich, which seemed to consist of ready-to-fall-down houses and wineshops.

I bought a lot of books, a few I've wanted quite a while. I bough a "Prima Donna" t-shirt at the Her Majesty's Theatre, and a brown jacked (to be worn inside) from Zara. I'm very fond of that already:) We also ran around looking for shoes, but as always, one can't say I was enthusiastic. No shoes for me:(

I do have lots of comments to make about the musicals, and I intended to include them here, but Dad hijacked the computer:( I'll post it sometime this week (I'll have to. We're leaving for France this friday/saturday. Mum is going to attend a new french course. This course is of course English-French. Mum's English is horrifying. I'm suspecting I'll be translating a good part of her work for her...

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Once again, I managed to get sick. A bit more serious now, throat-infection with a tiny ear-infection on the side (I didn't even think that was possible. Apparently it is). So, I've been having fever for two weeks, my throat hurt terribly, and I cough until I start dry heaving on a regular basis. Fun. I got sick in the weekend and mum spent all of sunday telling me I had to go to school. The on monday I felt well enough, but it turned out I had a temperature of 39,5 celsius (103 fahrenheit). Then mum actually refused to let me go to school for two days, which is truly astonishing:)

I'm leaving for Sandefjord sunday, and our flight to London is sometime Monday morning. Monday night we'll see Les Mis, LotR on wednesday, and then Les Mis again on thursday (I just know the whole theatre are going to hate me, after I''ve finished coughing). I'm seriously tempted to go to see Phantom again (Ramin! And it's dad's favourite musical), but I think we'll drop Fiddler. The only tickets I can find goes for 95 pounds, and it isn't worth that much. Apparently, Assassins just closed at the Landor Theatre, and it had Jeff Nicholson playing Guiteau. That would have been brilliant:( I've decided Wicked definitely isn't worth seeing, I read the book (Fiyero is love) and enjoyed parts of it, but most of it annoyed me. And there's only one song I can stand in the score, No Good Deed (I love that one though). The Wizard and I is standable when John Barrowman sings it:)


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Well, now I've become obsessed with Les Mis. I read a lot of Enjolras/Grantaire slash. I haven't even thought about reading a Harry potter or Charmed fic the last three weeks or something. Some of you might think I'm mad when you read this: I saw Les Mis twice in Trondheim last year, and once in Lillestrøm. Well, I'm going with mum to Lillestrøm AGAIN. And in the winter holiday my dad and I will see it in London! We will also see Phantom in the Opera. Dad doesn't like Mis, but he liked Phantom very much:) I'm looking SOOOOO much forward to actually SEE it in English, not just listening.

Now I'll track down every single community on LJ dealing with LM!

Other news, I was home from school today, again. This morning I had 39 celsius in fever. I feel like crap:( And I lost my voice EXACTLY when the phone called, and because of the fever I didn't understand what was said. I must have sounded like an idiot to the strange-lady-on-phone.

FUN-FACT: In real life I've NEVER said a "bad" word. But at the 'net I don't care at all. Bad influence? (not that I say something really bad)


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