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Happy birthday to [profile] gatherlilacs! Hope you have a wonderful day!

I don't really have much else to post about. I'm finally watching season 2 of  Heroes, as I didn't see any point of delaying it anymore. I have proven to myself I can show self-restraint:) I have 4 episodes left, and thought it can't be compared the last half of season 1, I still love it.

I've also watched twenty-something episodes of the Death Note anime, and I find it surprisingly enjoyable. My only previous experience with anything anime-ish is Pokémon (I liked the first "series"(?)) and Digimon (I did admittedly like both series very well, though I preferred the first). I'm still not, and probably will never be, a fan of the genre, but at least I know I don't have to avoid it like the plague:)

Yay for pentecost/whitsun that gives us Monday off!
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 Happy belated birthday to [profile] brittlesmile. Hope you had a wonderful day:)

I had my mock oral yesterday, it went okay, I got a 5.  It was rather strange actually, I went around with my heart in my throat for two days (...I confess, I had a little crying-fit on wednesday, as I was plagued by a headache and had only managed to write three pages of complete shit) but then I spent the last half hour before I went to school playing piano, and I suddenly felt...calm. My hands didn't even start to shake during the exam. I think I've finally found a cure to my problem!:)

I've bought myself the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, and it is extremely shiny! I've have the extended versions of The Two Towers and Return of the King since they were released, but this is my third version of FotR. Dad bought me the VHS the summer it was released (I was never permitted to see it in cinema), and then I later bought the "normal" DVD. This has 30 more minutes of footage than the cinema edition, including Gimli falling for Galadriel:) (That is relevant. I asked dad if he had any idea of why Legolas and Gimli suddenly became best friends, and he didn't). I also loved the part with the Sackville-Bagginses and the Gaffer. As I said, extremely shiny. I spent all of today watching the movie and the appendices, so I've had a great time:)

Does anyone of you know any good friendship poems or similar in English or French (Norwegian would also be okay)? One of my new friends have given me a book to write in, and I can't even remember any of the old verses we used to write.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] icicaille! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

I got home from France this sunday, without troubles, even though the windspeed was crazy. We weren't so lucky when we arrived. The airport in Marseilles closed because of mist, and we had to land in Nice, and sleep on the airport. This was at 00.30 o'clock. They provided flat-beds, since we were flying with Ryanair, and They can't give people hotel rooms, like other normal airlines:( Of course, they could not provide blanket either, so I woke up freezing. But it turned out well in the end, I changed our car-reservation, and the rest of the holiday passed without trouble. During the week we lived in two wonderful small suites (One of them was in an old mansion, in Digne. Filled with original, or at least cleverly copied, furniture. I was in heaven! Though I could have dropped the 7 dish gourmet dinner. I love my father's gourmet dinners, but this just tasted horrible). I had my own room the period we spent at the school, and then a rather crappy room again (again freezing!).

I also discovered the most adorable little village about 15 minutes south of Digne, with absolutely amazing rock-formations. Nearly unbelievable:)

I'm noticing improvements in my French! I can translate and get a meaning out of nearly any sign, poster and restaurant meny I come over, and I often manage to follow what's being talked about on the radio and television. I order my food without hesitation too:) I watched a lovely french movie earliy in the week, and afterwards I bough the Cyrano de Bergerac DVD with Gerard Dépardieu. I love it, but I'm nearly happy it isn't subtitled, as I don't  think I would have felt up to reading all that poetry. It's pretty when recited, and I don't even always understand the gist, but completely ridiculous:)

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Happy  (belated for me) birthday to

[profile] 10littlebullets! Hope you had/have a great day:)

I have a great post to post, but I've managed to get ill again, so I won't spend much time on the computer today. So here's only a few basics.

I have a cold. Again. With fever. Again. This is the third time in four months:(

Forget what I said about Doctor Who. Season 1 was brilliant. I've seen most of season 2 too, and while Tennant is nowhere near as good as Eccleston, he's okay. Rose is actually rather likable, Mickey was cute, and Jack grew on me after the first couple of episodes. But watching season 2 without subtitles is actually rather hard at times, for while I love any kind of british accent, it isn't the easiest to understand.

My school project is going pretty well (India under the British Empire, in English), and it's great to feel I'm ahead of schedule for once. I have another week left before it has to be finished.
And here you have my newest grades! One word: Awesome! Same average as last year (5.15), but this one feels better, for some reason. 
And now I'm going to bed again.
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Happy belated birthday to [profile] fancyspinner. Hope you had a great day! My best friend had her birthday-party yesterday, we went bowling. It was great fun:) I was the best at bowling, but I'm truly horrible at dancing platform games. And me who loves to dance:(

I love my new desktop:) 

I'm listening to the English audiobook "The Vampire Lestat", and I like it very much. I've never really liked vampires, but I seem to be developing a thing for them. The book is much better than "Interview with the Vampire", at least at the moment. I'll never get used to hear Nicolas pronounced without a "s". The reader and I have different opinions regarding English pronunciation too (especially three words), but I'm not arrogant enough to assume I have the correct one:)

Had my math and norwegian mock exams this week. Not my best, but passable. I'm very pleased with my nynorsk  (I listened to my ipod that day, and Hayden Tee's "Roundabout in Paris" came on. I nearly laughed of loud. I had heard it once before, but now I actually paid attention to the lyrics. Who came up with that?;))
I thought for certain part 1 (of 3) of the math went horrible, but we got to look at it yesterday, and I got 20/22. I'm relieved. I probably won't get another 6, but I'll survive. But friday we had a test in politics, and for the first time in my life, I had to turn in an un-finished test. Am positively horrified. We have a new teacher in that class (who ought to rant about, as I really dislike her as a teacher), and my christmas grades depends on my ability to impress her. Must start studying harder for that class.

In a few hours (5 o'clock in the morning...I'm not going to bed tonight) we leave for a holiday in France. We've rented the same flat as last year, in Sainte Maxime. We were supposed to go with our friends from Trondheim, but something came up:( This year I think we're going to travel more in the direction of Marseilles, instead of Cannes, Nice and Monaco, which is great. They are very nice, but it gets boring to visit the same cities over and over again. I'll be back next sunday, hopefully with a tan, and hopefully after having spoken a tiny bit french:) 

*must finish packing*
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First: Happy Birthday to [profile] lady_iphigeneia and [profile] dominus_trinus ! Hope you two have wonderful days:)

I got DH at 2 pm, started reading at 3 pm, and finished 2.50 am. 11 hours 50 minutes, minus dinner and short e-mail check. I thought the book was wonderful, either my second or third favourite. It didn't feel like a Potter book, some of the deaths were un-necerssary, but I liked it very much. One question-Does J.K.R read fanfiction? I have read two of the scenes before, one of them fairly recently.

I'm worried about the movies. I hate HBP, so I probably won't enjoy it, and I believe DH will be hard to make.


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