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France Autumn 2008. Most of this was actually written while being in France, and I didn't have much to do, so I'm rambling quite a lot at times.

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School began 16 hours after I got home, so I feel I haven’t gotten much out of my vacation, but it wasn’t so bad. I’ve two grades I’m very pleased with (Science, 6/5, and Social Science, 5+), and one I’m very disappointed with: Norwegian (bokmål) writing, only 4/5. Something including a “4” in any way I would expect in a subject like P.E. or Arts/Crafts (I’m finally rid of the latter, by the way!), it just doesn’t happen in any subject involving writing. But at least it sounds like my teacher would have liked to give me a higher grade; mine and one other student’s piece was handed to another teacher, to make sure the grading was consistent what other teacher’s would have given. My other grades are okay, still no nasty shocks. Could have been better though.

I watched “Les Choristes” today. It was directed by the same director who did Faubourg 36, and included two of the actors as well. Another lovely movie, but not quite as good as Faubourg in my opinion. Wish the kids involved in musical theatre were as good as the boy playing Morhange.

Les Mis in Bergen this weekend! Am excited, but slightly apprehensive. Just realised I have a test in geography on Monday, so I’ll have to bring my text-book. Well, I know most of it already, I just have to learn the difference between rock-types. For some reason, I’m completely unable to remember that part of the chapter.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, directly after school, few hours before we’re leaving. Hope I’ll manage to keep from choking on the thing they’ll stuff into my mouth when they take pictures.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] icicaille! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

I got home from France this sunday, without troubles, even though the windspeed was crazy. We weren't so lucky when we arrived. The airport in Marseilles closed because of mist, and we had to land in Nice, and sleep on the airport. This was at 00.30 o'clock. They provided flat-beds, since we were flying with Ryanair, and They can't give people hotel rooms, like other normal airlines:( Of course, they could not provide blanket either, so I woke up freezing. But it turned out well in the end, I changed our car-reservation, and the rest of the holiday passed without trouble. During the week we lived in two wonderful small suites (One of them was in an old mansion, in Digne. Filled with original, or at least cleverly copied, furniture. I was in heaven! Though I could have dropped the 7 dish gourmet dinner. I love my father's gourmet dinners, but this just tasted horrible). I had my own room the period we spent at the school, and then a rather crappy room again (again freezing!).

I also discovered the most adorable little village about 15 minutes south of Digne, with absolutely amazing rock-formations. Nearly unbelievable:)

I'm noticing improvements in my French! I can translate and get a meaning out of nearly any sign, poster and restaurant meny I come over, and I often manage to follow what's being talked about on the radio and television. I order my food without hesitation too:) I watched a lovely french movie earliy in the week, and afterwards I bough the Cyrano de Bergerac DVD with Gerard Dépardieu. I love it, but I'm nearly happy it isn't subtitled, as I don't  think I would have felt up to reading all that poetry. It's pretty when recited, and I don't even always understand the gist, but completely ridiculous:)


Jul. 25th, 2007 10:35 pm
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I need a quick french translation. Please help me!

Some phrases in an e-mail from

"Le service de livraison utilise ne propose malheureusement pas de suivi des expeditions.

Vous pouvez consulter et editer vos commandes en ligne en accedant a "Votre Compte".

"Cet e-mail vous informant de l'envoi de votre commande termine ainsi le traitement de votre commande.

Notez que vous pouvez egalement acceder a votre compte en cliquant sur le bouton du meme nom situe en haut a droite des pages du site, ou sur le lien en bas de toutes nos pages. "

I can guess most of it, but I want to be sure. Does this mean I won't get my DVD?:(

This is probably my last post before New York!


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