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First: Happy belated birthday to [profile] lionhill! Also Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to her, and everyone else!
Second: My last post is now updated, and has been for a while, with Act 2 of Scarlet Pimpernel Lillestrøm.

Apparently I haven't updated for five weeks. Which means I've tons of things to write about now. This has for me been the big TV/Movie/Book month, which has been a very refreshing change. I had another dry period on the internet, nothing much interesting to find. Seems to be remedied now though.

The TV-Month started with me catching episodes of Stargate SG-1 (season 4) and Seinfeld. These shows air nearly everyday on Viasat 4, a wonderful channel I've recently discovered (This channel has also convinced me I'll never again try to watch any other form of Star Trek than Voyager, though Data was kinda cute at times).
I've also caugth 5 episodes of Supernatural (mostly on Swedish TV), and decided I liked  it. Erh...the father is the same actor who played Denny on Grey's Anaomy! I was surprised when I discovered this. But I can't say I like his character so much.

Heroes gets its own header:) I did see parts of or whole episodes on TV before Christmas, and I liked it, but I wasn't addicted until I got season 1 episode 1-11 as a gift. And not even until the end. After each episode, I though to myself: "It's a good show, but I'm not addicted." Then came ep 11, and suddely I was. I found the later episodes on the net, and I have now watched the entire season 1. The episodes keeps getting better, but my favourite is 1.17 (Company Man), which was the last one which aired here. I love Claude:) And his accent:) Incidentally, I also got the first season of Doctor Who, which I'm checking out because everyone talks about it. I'm not overly enthustiatic about the premise of the show (Torchwood sounds a lot better), but now at least I'm motivated because of Christopher Eccleston:) I will begin to watch soon. I have decided I won't not go ahead and watch Heroes season 2 yet, and instead just wait for it, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to keep that vow. I'm probably going to crack within a week or two:(

And this was all I had time to write today. I will update with my grades (described in one word? YAY!) and New Year school ball (which is tomorrow) later. Will include talk about books and holidays:)
cynicale: Drew Sarich, Leanne Dobinson, Jon Robyns and Nancy Sullivan (Eiffel tower)

I don't care about climate. Not at all. But even I understand that something's wrong with the world. 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, the day before my birthday, is very wrong:(

I'm turning 15 tomorrow:) Me and my two best friends are going to the cinema, to watch PotC again.  My parents and I have reached an agreement this year, regarding presents. I got an ipod today, and I've gotten any books and movies I've picked out the last two weeks. I've already read The Lies of Locke Lamora (pretty good), and watched the entire first season of Buffy. I thought it was rather stupid the first two episodes, but then I got into it. I'll probably check out the other seasons sometime:)

[profile] lionhill, I'm still working on the meme. I'm rather uninspired:(

I had an oral presentation of Les Misérables in my English class on wednesday. It went really well, I got a 5+. I showed them my Norman Denny copy, and my CSR recording:) I tried to tell about the plot, but I made it very basic. Not even correctly, I believe. They probably didn't get it:( Most of the characters (read: Javert) are much more important than I made them:) And I just made it seem like Valjean bacame a mayor after ten years, and then hid with Cosette for ten another ten years, out of pure lazyness:(But that doesn't matter, three, perhaps four people, have seen the musical, and they didn't make any comments. 


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