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Dad and I spent last weekend in London, and had a great time! The trip and all the theatre tickets I wanted was one of my presents for my 18th birthday - among the best I've ever received:) I have a rather large theatre review backlog at the moment(Les Mis O2 concert, The Mousetrap, Romeo and Juliet in Norway, Iphigeneia in Norway, live transmission of Das Rheingold from the Met), but I'm starting out with the Les Mis tour!

Performance: 2nd of October 2010 matinee, second-to-last performance.
Seat: Row A, slightly to the right of the centre. Dad had what was probably the cheapest ticket in the house, rather high up as far I know.
Venue: Barbican Theatre

It was okay, but I have some issues with what they've done )
All in all, a good afternoon spent! As usual, after seeing Les Mis, I'm back in that particular fandom mood, which is nice:) Been a while since last time. Very good timing too, as I'm reading the book for my thesis-thingy in Norwegian class. Soon finished with book two now (...only four to go, less than two weeks to get there...I've already skimmed quite a few pages I know won't be useful).
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The Sherlock Holmes novels A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four and The Hound of the Baskervilles have been released as graphic novels. I've never quite learned to appreciate that type of media, and I have no intention of buying SIGN and HOUN, but I bought STUD while browsing at Blackwell's during my last trip to London.

Though I as a rule don't like graphic novels, STUD is the one I've enjoyed the most so far (out of...five attempts, I believe). The character designs had little in common with my mental images (What's up with Gregson's nose?!), but for once I didn't find this overly distracting. I like the artist's use of colour, and the story was well told (that includes the second half of the novel). However, for me the biggest stand-out was the utterly GLORIOUS Lestrade!

He is my favourite minor character in canon, and his tiny moment of glory in A Study in Scarlet (the novel, that is) never fails to make me grin. The rendition of this scene in the graphic novel is almost perfect, so I scanned and uploaded a couple of pages to share with you. Take a look beneath the cut! They are full size scans though, just to warn you, but I'm pretty sure they won't break your layout.

Bring him down! BRING HIM DOWN! )

Also, notice Watson's exhaustion at the end, and Holmes' amusing expression in the third panel:)

I should perhaps crosspost this to [ profile] dilestrade at some point...but definitely not at 5 am. BED!
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This was not how I intended to end my unannounced LJ-posting-hiatus, but I just have to say this:

BBC's Sherlock. Episode 3. "The Great Game".


Episode 1 was really good. Episode 2 was good enough, bit of a disappointment though. Episode 3 is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Seriously, that was EPIC! How could they leave it there!?!?!
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I'm annoyed by LJ's new welcoming page/"home". They've removed the only textbox I found useful, and added new ones I know I'll never use! As far as I know that page can't be customised either:(

I'm clearing up my backlog containing things I intended to post, so here are my books and movies of January 2010 and a Les Mis meme. Sherlock Holmes really needs its own post as well...

Books of 2010: January )

Films of 2010: January ) Les Mis Meme )

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First of all, welcome to all new members of my f!list! First thing you need to know about me is the fact that I'm utterly unable to post things to this journal within my own personal deadlines; this review I intended to post sometime before the 10th of January at the very last. Observe how that turned out:( Oh well, I should know better by now.

Anyway, I spend a few days in Copenhagen over the Christmas hols, and naturally saw Les Mis a couple of times.

Review over here! )
I think I really have to go to bed now, even though it's only 10 pm here. Didn't get nearly enough sleep last night.
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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas. Once again I've let it go a long time between updates, but here I am again. I'll do another post soonish, as Les Mis in Copenhagen was one of the greatest productions I've ever seen (I had a significantly different cast than [ profile] 10littlebullets) and I have to rant a bit about some personal issues. For now though, I'll just post two lists; one with the books I've read this year, and another one for the movies I've watched for the first time.

I had some vague ambitions of managing to read at least 50 books in 2009, but the days when I could sit down and read all day long are gone. Seems strange that my attention span should deteriorate instead of improving with age, but that seems to be the case. If anyone wants me to say something about a particular book, just ask.


Books read in 2009.... )

And here are the movies I've watched for the first time this year:



Movies of 2009... )


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I have the great pleasure of introducing y'all to....Nico!

Nico 12 weeks 

Björkkullen's (Have a look at the...fascinating English translations this site sports;) Obviously copied out word for word from the dictionary) Nicodemus, born and registered as Porsche, currently 13 weeks old, is the newest resident of our home! I met him on our way back home from the cruise, when we visited the breeder we bought Luna from. It was love on first sight (he slept in my lap and in my hand the entire duration of our visit!), and after some persuasion I was allowed to buy him:) Nico is the first cat I actually own, as I signed the papers and spent my own money, though at least Casper belong to me in practice. Luna seems to have adopted my mother for good:)
Pictures! )
Other stuff:
- Lovely new mood theme!  Installing it was a bitch though.
- Thank God for autumn break!
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(I just posted two Les Mis reviews, if you haven't seen them yet)

The last two weeks have been a horror, I've never in my life been this busy. We've had a test/presentation/assignment/something-to-prepare-for every single day! Luckily, it's over now, only my English presentation on Perth (Australia) left. I'm mostly finished with it, but I have not seen my partner's work yet, and I think we have to practice a lot. His oral English is pretty bad, I discovered a couple of days ago, while his written English appears to be decent enough. Some coaching may become necessary.

I've pretty much ensured top marks in three of my finishing subjects (English, Geography and Science), though I think I may have messed up in Social Science. I'm very uncertain about my last test, but on the other hand, Viola does not grade very strictly, so it's a possibility. Four 6's out of four finishing subjects would be amazing, but I can hardly complain about three either:)

Mum and dad visited France, so I was home alone last week. It was great, being left in peace with my work, but kind of boring as well. Also, this meant I did not get to see part 1 of the Che Guevara movie, since it only played five evenings at my local cinema. Mum would freak if I tried to ride my bike home, alone, at 23.30 in the evening, understandably enough, and my grandmother (our closest neighbour) would be bound to notice (and report it), so I refrained. I also didn't bother to celebrate our National Day (17th of May) much, I only barbecued at Camilla's house with some friends. I had to leave at 20.30 though, to finish up my preparations for a sort of mock oral exam I had the 18th. My parents arrived home the same day, mum red as a lobster:) They'd bought me the Faubourg 36 soundtrack (I still adore that movie. I saw it twice at the cinema in France last year, and I've watched my DVD with French subtitles four times. I even managed to convince my teacher to watch it in class;)), a French copy of Pride and Prejudice and, to my great surprise, a shirt which actually fits!

Quite a lot of Star Trek... )

Four of my friends and I are going to Göteborg/Gothenburg the 24/25th June! We'll take the train early Wednesday morning, spend the day at Liseberg (best amusement park there is reasonably close to home), stay the night at the Norwegian Church Abroad/Seamen's Church, shop and visit Universum before going home. We're hoping we'll be able to buy family tickets for Universum, since Nita will be 18, I'll be 17, and Thea (her birthday's the 28th), Tina and Natascha will be 16. Seems like those over 17 goes as adults there. It'll be great fun, I hope!
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I saw Les Mis in Oslo the 1st and 6th of May. It's a very strong production, with a mostly good cast (Valjean, Erik Wenberg Jacobsen, is pretty amazing), impressive set and a good translation. The translator is actually Torstein Bugge Høverstad, who has also translated Lord of the Rings and all the Potter books to Norwegian.

Can someone please ask me to type up the new lyrics and translate them to English? Request specific scenes? I really want to do it, but unless I have incentive I know I'll never get around to it. The translation is the best I've heard, and it's notable, since this is the first time Les Mis has been performed in Bokmål (other translations have been Nynorsk. Not that there's a big difference between the two)

This productions used scims extensively. There was one at the far back and one inside a frame. The latter could be moved about. The scene was quite impressive, as it had two floors! Thénardier's inn and the sewers were "downstairs", and everything else on the upper floor. It is very clever, though consider this: A turntable could hardly be more expensive to install than that?

Les Mis Oslo notes )

If you want more specifics, ask.

I found the notes I made of the Bergen production hidden on my computer, so I might as well post them. I also made some comments in this entry, but I never posted a proper review. Keep in mind I haven't edited this, so everything might not make sense.


Les Mis Bergen... )
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Friday I saw Les Mis in Oslo! Some great singers, and all in all, I think this is the best Norwegian production since Trondheim, though Bergen had better barricade scenes and Lillestrøm seemed to work somewhat better as a production.

It opened in February, but this was my first trip. Due to being busy with school, I kind of forgot about it, and waited ridiculously long before ordering my tickets. The whole family have tickets for the performance on Wednesday, as that was the first date available that fit our schedules. Friday we were going to Oslo anyway, to look at a car (we did buy it, and my father has listed me as co-owner! Oh dear, I'm growing up too fast), and I decided to call the ticket office, even though the website claimed all tickets were sold. I got the last seat in the house, first row in the left section of the balcony. I had to lean forward to see what happened on the far left of the stage, but it was a quite good seat. I'll post my review sometime later this week, after seeing it again.

Les Mis fic related content )

I survived mock exam week, and I'm very pleased with myself. I spent all of last weekend reading my maths textbook (while sunbathing, I might add. We've had some lovely weather), and while I expect plenty of mistakes in part 1, my teacher said I had done very well in part 2. I won't get my grade until Friday, but since it will not matter (I'm taking an easier course next year, only 3 lessons a week) I'm not overly worried. I just got back my English, and all Irene had to say was "Stupendous!". I whooped when I got my grade, it was a 6! Anyone surprised when I say I thought it had gone rather badly?;) The theme was personal values, and the task I chose was to write about which personal values I thought was important within an occupation of my choice. I chose the occupation of a lawyer, which in hindsight I realize could have ended badly, due to the terminology. I spent a paragraph explaining words like lawyer, solicitor, barrister, attorney, notary, advocate and legal counsel and discussing the differences between them, plus dropping words like prosecution and verdict on numerous occasions.

I also know what electives I'll get next year; I wanted International English, German I, a subject where we learn about law which I can't translate the name of and History & Philosophy. I got into everything but German, there won't be enough students to have a proper class. I did not really expect them to start one, so I'm very pleased:) I think I'll borrow a "teach-yourself-German" book from the library if I ever get the time.

Musical DVDs watched lately... )
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An old one, but I want to answer it:) When I'm working on math equations, I start murmuring things aloud to myself, to help me keep everything straight in my head. People have commented on it before, and I've tried to stop myself, but it's hard. Now, however, I actually share a table with Tina, and apparently I drive her crazy. So I've had to stop, while I'm at school at least:( But while I'm at home I can talk as much as I like!

Things which currently annoy me:
1. I'm suffering the most terrible cramps:(
2. The site I dearly want to access is blocked.
3. I messed up my English test badly.

My class starts soon, and all we have to do is write our assigment, which I'll enjoy. Light lesson FTW!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]In no particular order:

Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
The Deed of Paksenarrion - Elizabeth Moon
...Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? No, I know that one by heart, I don't need it.
A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel, perhaps.

I won't be bored for a while:) Or, perhaps I will, as all these can be incredibly dry at times.
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Here are my thought on the musicals I've recently seen, as promised in my last post:)


Let others rise, to take our place, until the earth is free! )


Sunset Boulevard, Destination for the stony-hearted... )


He could be a star for all we know... )


Telll me it's not true... )


Everyone's a little bit racist, it's true... )


They had it coming! They had it coming! They only had themselves to blame... )


This is a reminder to myself: Check the cast of the musicals you aren't planning to see before ordering tickets. Burn Gorman is in "Oliver!", playing Mr Sikes. I really want to see that. What is it with Torchwood and musicals, anyway? There's John Barrowman, Naoko in Avenue Q, Burn in Oliver!, Gareth in that show he did, though I don’t think that quite qualifies as a musical. Does Eve Myles have any plans for the future?


The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music... )

Feel free to ask if you think I forgot anything of interest:)

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Am leaving for London in a few hours. Yay! Which means Les Mis tomorrow (technically today). Also yay!

 (I dearly hope I'll manage to catch some sleep sometime during the trip, but actual travel in car is limited to 25 minutes, so I guess plane is my greatest hope)
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Torchwood trailer - could possibly be considered spoilery by someone... )

It was all a strange coincidence, really, me finding this trailer so soon. This weekend, I was suddenly struck by an intense desire to rewatch some Torchwood and Doctor Who episodes, which led to me reading some Torchwood fic, and I kept seeing people mentioning a trailer would be released on Thursday. Half an hour ago, I realised it was Thursday...

I compiled a list of all the episodes I've rewatched, and as this is as good a time to post it as it will ever be (how many times can you use "as" in a sentence? Do I even make any sense here? I think I must have misunderstood some English expression), here it is:

(stars signify episodes watched all while through, I fast forwarded through the others, watching my favourite scenes. This will continiously be updated, as I watch more episodes)


Episodes....with some comments here and there )

Someone's had a busy weekend...I still haven't watched the Who Christmas Special (It's Colonel Brandon!). Dad downloaded some sort of update that made our computer crash, and I can't download anything on my school laptop. Think of all the things I've done to this PC, everything I've downloaded and installed, and then he comes along, crashing the whole thing! And this is the second time he has done something like this:( Thank God for laptops and external hard drives. Mum claims all my files will be rescued, but I have my doubts. We're talking many gb's here.
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I'm awake, and it's 4.55 am. Yesterday, I didn't go to bed until 6 am. This is not good, especially since I know I'll have to work a lot tomorrow, as Tina and I have a science project (Magnetars. Of course, the one thing not even mentioned in our textbook). I've really let her down this week, I stayed home from school the last three days, and haven't really done anything yet. It's funny, in my first term I was home from school 1 day and 4 hours, now, a few days into the second term, 3 days already. I've tried to file it as 2 days and 5 hours though, as I think it looks a little bit better. No more sickness until after Easter, please!

Dad and I have bought our tickets for London musicals during the winter holiday: Billy Elliot, Sunset Boulevard, Chicago and two Les Mis' just for me. I want to try something new:)

I did a friending meme a few minutes ago, I've made two friends (welcome!) and will hopefully make more soon:) It's multi-fandom, so go fill it out, here.

I bought Breaking Dawn, and finished it in less than 24 hours. Not as bad as I feared, I actually liked it. Garrett was awesome:) And lovely with a break from Bella's POV. I think it would have made a much better book if SPOILER: 7 words that'll spoil the end of Breaking Dawn. )I've read quite a few fics in the fandom- Jasper/Alice, mainly. Some are horrifically bad, while others are pretty good. Seems like All-Human AU's are extremely popular, which is not my cup of tea, but some are actually decent. I've made I list of my top three fics:

I Like Bears, by Alice laughed - Emmett, on his favourite prey. Very short, and very adorable:) 
Family Therapy- Cullen Style, by vjgm - Carlisle decides his family is in dire need of some therapy. This cracks me up, especially the therapist's reaction to Jasper- the attempted murderer of his brother's girlfriend:) Long. (the first two chapters aren't very good, and the author seems to have a grudge against commas)
Cowboys and Indians, by Minisinoo - Jasper and Leah centric, friendship/philosophy. I think it is lovely, and it is written in the traditional non-linear story telling style of Native Americans, which is interesting.

I've started making a list of all the books I've read so far in 2009. I'm already at 9,5. I've really been in the mood lately. If only I'll finish "Twelve who Ruled" now...

I just discovered, and I made one. I looked through all my old Hits for Kids CDs (I have far to many. 1-15, I believe) and added all my old favourites, plus some new. You may see it here:

...I'll definitely go get some sleep now. Immediately.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, that's obvious, isn't it? Hogwarts, of course:) If that counts, that is. Or Xavier Institute of Higher Learning/Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It is obvious where my interests lies:) I wouldn't come within a mile of Sunnydale High (too dangerous) or Forks High (RAIN!), and that is just about every school I know about. Well, there's the different schools Claire Bennet has attended as well.

(turns out people don't bother to block Livejournal at school any more).
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Turns out I haven't updated this journal the last thirteen weeks 0_O! I've thought about it now and then, but it has never come to anything, and time seems to pass faster when I watch the "number of weeks since last update" counter grow:)

A quick recap of the last couple of months:

Here )

...Twilight...yes )

School-related stuff:

We won't receive our grades until 20. January, strangely enough. I think I will be reasonably pleased, but I'll have to improve a bit. Four of my grades will be final this summer; English, Science, Geography and Social Studies. My English teacher told me she would give me a 6 (!!!), and there's a small chance I will get one in Science (which is very strange, since it used to be my most hated theoretical subject, until this year), and the others are both pretty strong 5's. My Norwegian grades are really bad, but I might manage to scrape a 5 in Bokmål at least.

This term, I've had some experience with bad grades for the first time, which is probably healthy. First, there was a test I got 4- on, in Math, (but just about the whole class failed, so it will be disregarded. Lucky me;)), and then my Norwegian teacher gave me a 3, when I wrote a fairy-tale in nynorsk. That is the singularly worst grade I have ever received, not counting my first term grade in P.E, three years ago (another 3). But, I take my reaction to these grades as a sign of having matured a bit more; last year, I would without a doubt started crying the moment I got home, now I don't care as much. I have until 2011, if not even later (see below) to fix my Norwegian grade, so it doesn't matter.

I'm thinking of taking a break between my second and third year of schooling, and instead taking a year abroad, through EF. I'm thinking of taking what's called EF Multi-Language year; nine months spent on two or three different locations, learning two or three different languages. It sounds very fun, but I haven't quite decided yet. My original plan was taking an EF High School Year instead of my second year, but I gave up on that, and now it's too late anyway (My reason for giving up was simply the fact that I want to take the available electives here next year;)). It'll will cost me quite a bit of money, and I just can't stand the thought of wasting it, so I have to weigh the pros and cons carefully, but come on, how amazing wouldn't it be to spend nine months in London, Paris and München (Munich) (my top three wishes), studying just English, French and German? Living arrangements will be a problem, as I want to avoid having to live with a family at all costs, and it seems like that's the only option in München. London is one thing, I wouldn't have a problem with communication, and in Paris I would at least have some experience with the language, enough to make my wishes known, but I don't speak German at all (I can sing songs from Rebecca, and it's close enough to Norwegian for me to understand quite a bit, but that's it. If I'm lucky I'll get it as an elective next year). In Germany, I would expect most people to speak English, but still... 

I'll probably update again sometime this week, as it is time to chose electives for next year. I have a lot to say on that subject:)
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France Autumn 2008. Most of this was actually written while being in France, and I didn't have much to do, so I'm rambling quite a lot at times.

Read more )

School began 16 hours after I got home, so I feel I haven’t gotten much out of my vacation, but it wasn’t so bad. I’ve two grades I’m very pleased with (Science, 6/5, and Social Science, 5+), and one I’m very disappointed with: Norwegian (bokmål) writing, only 4/5. Something including a “4” in any way I would expect in a subject like P.E. or Arts/Crafts (I’m finally rid of the latter, by the way!), it just doesn’t happen in any subject involving writing. But at least it sounds like my teacher would have liked to give me a higher grade; mine and one other student’s piece was handed to another teacher, to make sure the grading was consistent what other teacher’s would have given. My other grades are okay, still no nasty shocks. Could have been better though.

I watched “Les Choristes” today. It was directed by the same director who did Faubourg 36, and included two of the actors as well. Another lovely movie, but not quite as good as Faubourg in my opinion. Wish the kids involved in musical theatre were as good as the boy playing Morhange.

Les Mis in Bergen this weekend! Am excited, but slightly apprehensive. Just realised I have a test in geography on Monday, so I’ll have to bring my text-book. Well, I know most of it already, I just have to learn the difference between rock-types. For some reason, I’m completely unable to remember that part of the chapter.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, directly after school, few hours before we’re leaving. Hope I’ll manage to keep from choking on the thing they’ll stuff into my mouth when they take pictures.


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