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I'm taking the bus to Oslo tomorrow morning to look at a flat. I'm not exactly enthused by the photos I've seen so far, but location, bathroom and rent make it well worth a proper look. I did find one flat I adored, but it was already rented out by the time we got around to inquiring:( Let's hope they simply forgot to photograph the living room area of the one I'm going to see tomorrow, because otherwise they're definitely lying about the flat's surface area.

I've spent the last few days watching various Les Mis film/mini-series adaptions for the first time, in-between hunting for flats. 1972, 1958 and 1934, in that order. I've taken a bit too many notes on a couple of those to fit into my end-of-the-year media roundup post, so posting them all here instead. In short, why did I not get my hands on these adaptions sooner?:)

Les Misérables (1972)
The “let-me-show-you-what-Les-Amis-de-l’ABC-are-up-to adaption.

Love, adoration etc. etc. It was all there! Other than Le Cabuc, that is, and, you know, everything beyond the bare bones the story involving the real main cast. I frankly don’t care about losing some of that, there are plenty of other adaptions where they get to shine at the expense of Les Amis.

Best cast Enjolras I’ve ever seen in any of the adaptions – striking, in charge and self-possessed. Rest of the cast generally lovely too, I particularly enjoyed Gavroche and Thénardier's portrayals. Marius and Javert too, really. However, I disliked Valjean and Cosette.

Bonus points awarded for: All those Amis scenes that are usually forgotten about (especially that delightful scene where Bossuet hails Marius’ carriage!), Gavroche and his mômes (I’m always bored by that part in the book, but I adored it here), Patron Minette prison escape etc. I do believe 1982 still rates as my favourite barricade sequence, but in short much love for this adaption.

Les Misérables (1958)
The Gabin adaption.

I thought it was delightful! Not always accurate, but a nice adaption nevertheless. I quite liked this Javert, non-canonical family ties notwithstanding.

Bonus points awarded for: Catherine, Waterloo, Prouvaire’s execution, artillery-man incident, bottles being smashed (FY!), Orestes Fasting and Pylades Drunk (“Qui êtes-vous?” “Personne.”), Gillenormand hiring and chasing (a) Nicolette.

Les Misérables (1934)
The Bernard adaption.

Quite good at being accurate, clocking in at 281 minutes (which would be 4h 41min), but... I felt part 1 dragged quite a bit, to say the least. Still a very good adaption, though!


Javert, the deeply annoying Cosette, La Thénardier, the utterly boring Thénardier. Also, how Cosette/Marius was handled in general.

Strange things mystifying:

- Time skip from Thénardier’s Inn to 4th of June 1832 (they talked about Lamarque’s funeral being “tomorrow”, so... a whole lot of things apparently happened the 4th... did I miss something here?)

- Grantaire saying his mother is the Republic and generally making himself useful.

- Cute yet miscast Marius - I can hardly dislike his adorable face, but I didn't exactly recognise much of Marius Pontmercy in his acting.

- They consistently mispronounce “Enjolras”, despite being French. New head!canon under consideration: Brick!Enjolras corrects people's pronounciations of his name all the time... meh, he probably wouldn't even care.

Bonus points awarded for:

Tholomyes, Éponine and Azelma playing dress-up with the cat, Catherine, (I didn’t go back to verify the following, but) somewhat eerie resemblance between Fantine and Cosette, “Make her your mistress!”, Marius going to see Javert, convict transport incident, quite impressively shot funeral cortege, Mme Hucheloup, omnibus, La Marseillaise, Grantaire clinging to Enjolras, Orestes Fasting and Pylades Drunk (existence more than execution, but whatever. Oops, pun not intended), dancing Gillenormand who earlier checked out Nicolette's behind...

Must rewatch more carefully that whole “Courfeyrac blowing up the barricade” thing before giving a verdict, it just seemed sort of wasteful the first time around.

I think all three of these included Mabeuf, too? More bonus points!

So, adaptions I have watched so far: 1934, 1958, 1972, 1978, 1982, 1998, 2000 (French, not the shorter English one), some of Shoujo Cosette (I am amused by the fact that Marius can hardly step outside his door without running into Courfeyrac in this one)

Adaptions available to watch once I feel like it: 1935, 1952, the very long Italian one, rest of the anime. Right now, urgency on this score is the last thing on my mind...
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