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I'm watching my recently arrived Hustle series 6 DVDs, more specifically, episode three, "Tiger Troubles". I'm now able to catch a reference that passed me by the first few times around:) The mark at one point observes that the characters Mickey and Albert are posing as are a mix of The A-Team and Robin Hood. Cue reaction shot of Robert Vaughn (who, of course, was a season 5 A-Team regular). Add to that references to Vaughn's character leaving the dirty work to Mickey because he's semi-retired, and I'm gleeful:) The fact that Albert's American, and therefore more likely to be familiar with The A-Team, even ensures that the reaction shot is appropriate! The Hustle crew also specialises in the impossible and ridiculous, of course.

By the way, if you've seen the episode, you'll know the best part of it is the antics of the cast at the end;)

I'm also following series 7 as it airs. I'm just about to start episode 7.4 in iPlayer, once my re-watch of 6.3 is complete, but here's a copy-paste of my comments to the episode discussion posts at [ profile] hustle_fanworks. Obviously, there may be spoilers.

Episode 7.1, "As Good as it Gets"
I thought it was a lot of fun, particularly Mickey's "O.M.G" moment (had me in stitches!) and the personal trainer comment:) I enjoyed the way all the threads were pulled together at the end, and besides, I've always liked Anna Chancellor.

It's not going to become my favourite episode anytime soon, or even my favourite fashion-oriented episode, but I felt it was a good opening episode for s7.

Episode 7.2, "Old Sparks Come New"
A perfectly okay episode, although the whole "old flame makes character question whether they really are happy" plot device is more than a little trite. He seemed a likable guy though, with a very cute kid. Don't quite see why him misrepresenting himself a little bit in that fashion could be enough to make her come to her senses, but...

Random Eddie storyline is random...? Also, we are in Birmingham, let us show youuuuu!

Ash is still just about the only person aside from McGonagall I like in tweed, Albert on Skype amused me (I had to help my mother download it yesterday) and DOOMSDAY is in my opinion always fun:)

Ash showing Sean how to fight made me LOL. Nice throwback to the "personal trainer" line in episode 7.1;)

I can't say episode 7.3 was anything out of the ordinary, so I don't have much to say about that. In fact, I can't think of anything at all, beyond being vaguely impressed the interior shots of the mechanism that's the centre piece of the story. I've had enough of Albert's family history at this point.

Episode 7.4, here I come! On another note, why do so many people have such great trouble spelling "loathe"? "Loath" is not the same word, the two cannot be interchanged!

Oh, and hullo, new flisties!
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