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After 5 years, I finally caved in and bought myself a paid lj-account. Yay! Judging by how infrequently I post any entries you wouldn't believe it, but I do actually spend the majority of my waking hours surfing lj:) More icons and the ability to subscribe to threads were the biggest draws for me, but I'm sure I'll make some other neat discoveries along the road;) Anything in particular you love about your paid account?

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was season 1 of "The A-Team". I've already watched the whole thing - I'm a bit on the fence regarding the pilot, but the rest of the episodes more than made up for it. Love it. I lurked a bit in the fandom after the film was released (BTW, the extended cut is love! 75% of my favourite scenes didn't make the theatrical cut, apparently), then even more yesterday, and I'm definitely adding it to my list of fandoms now:)

I generally like the cast of the series better than the cast of the film - Murdock is genius in both, and I think I might actually prefer Liam Neeson's Hannibal, but overall I like Face and possibly B.A. a bit better in the series. Also, Amy is stunningly beautiful, though she has annoyingly little to do most of the time.

- First thought on seeing Face in the pilot: "...My God, you're pretty!"
- First thought on seeing Face in episode 2: "...BLEACHED HAIR?!? Oh, different actor." *disappointed frown*

He did grow on me, quite a lot, but a pity about the pretty. Now Dirk seems prettier, but that was my initial assessment

I hope the majority of you have had/will have a great holiday!

*off to hunt for icons and replace my kinkmeme-bookmarks with subscriptions*

EDIT: Watched season 2 episode 18 and the season 2 finale out of order, since they supposedly were one of the best episodes (I was misinformed - it should have been 2.17) and the fan favourite, respectively. Not at all sure I agree about 2.18, but the end of the season finale? Featured an honest to God Murdock/B.A. love montage! I might possibly be carrying a smallish torch for Murdock/Face, but oh, it was awesome:)
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