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I've lots of other things I ought to post, such as a Deathly Hallows review and my long squee-post about Hustle, but for now I'll make do with a TV-meme, taken from [ profile] girlofjuly

Five TV-fandoms (in random order):
1. Hustle
2. Star Trek; The Original Series (ST;TOS)
3. Torchwood
4. Sherlock
5. Charmed

Who’s your favorite character in 2 (ST:TOS)?
- McCoy! I love just about everyone on that show, but the acerbic but lovable doctor is my absolute favourite.

Who’s your least favorite character in 1 (Hustle)?
- Oh, this one's hard to answer, as this is another show where I love absolutely everyone. I'll have to go with Billy, though I loved him as "Laude". Also, the writers did their best to Danny as annoying as possible in series three and four, so I'm quite glad we lost him after series four.

What’s your favorite season of 5 (Charmed)?
- Season 3. It has Cole Turner (see icon), but less of the angst the marriage brought on in season 4, there's no boatload of Piper/Leo vs The Elders angst and Paige does not repeat all the beginner's mistakes we've already been though.

What’s your favorite ship in 3 (Torchwood)?
- ...Ianto/Owen. Yeah, of all the ships this show has to offer, I chose the impossible ship. Read [ profile] paperclipbitch's fics if you're interested though.

It's weird, I thought series 1!Owen was an absolute bastard, but then he suddenly became my favourite character in season 2. Angsty male in his 30's really is my type.

Who is your anti-ship in 2 (ST;TOS)?
- ...I dunno. I'm agreeable to just about anything in TOS (while being quite anti-everything in XI-fandom. I feel their chemistry = nil). I going to have to go with Kirk/Uhura, since I think they'd do better as friends than lovers.

How long have you watched 1 (Hustle)?
- I did watch a few episodes a few years back, then happened to turn on my television when the first episode of series 5 was repeated on one of the BBC channels this October. I was reminded of how much I used to love it, and so a ten-day-long marathon of all six series commenced.

How did you become interested in 3 (Torchwood)?
- I started to watch Doctor Who first, then followed up with the spin-offs. Sarah Jane Adventures didn't last long, as it wasn't quite my thing, but I ended up loving Torchwood more than DW.

Who’s your favorite actor in 4 (Sherlock BBC)?
- Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. How could I chose between them? ♥

Which show do you prefer: 1 (Hustle), 2 (ST;TOS), or 5 (Charmed)?
- Hustle. Fun, quite innovative, less repetitive than Charmed and less cheesy than TOS.

Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 (Hustle) or 3 (Torchwood)?
- *looks it up on IMDb* Hustle has 36 episodes, to Torchwood's 31. I've seen every episode of both shows, so that would be Hustle.

If you could be anyone from 4 (Sherlock), who would you be?
- ...not!Anthea? Being Mycroft's lackey (PA? Bodyguard? Enforcer?) sounds exciting! I would consider being glued to a BlackBerry an added benefit:)

How would you kill off your favorite character in 2 (ST;TOS)?
- In the most angsty way possible, so that Spock would show how deeply it affects him.

Give a random quote from 1 (Hustle).
- "Just because we do what we do, doesn't mean we have to be lonely." From memory, so might not be completely accurate. It's repeated twice, and was apparently originally something said by Ash when he married June.

Also, one of my favourite scenes (series 3, episode 6: The Ghost):

[Danny jumps off a small platform onto a crash mat and falls on the landing. He's practicing landing after a skydive]
Ash: No, no, no. When you land you need to bend your knees, Danny. All right? And if you're coming in fast, you bend and you roll.
Mickey: So, Ash, are we ready?
[Ash nods]
Danny: Whoa! Whoa, whoa! All we've done is jump off a box twice!
Mickey: [Deadpan] Would you like to do it again?
Danny: You said I'd have proper training!
Mickey: Danny, how hard can it be? You jump and then you land! We've covered it.


Danny: Well, what if the reserve don't open?
Ash: All right, okay, look, if the reserve doesn't open there's a standard procedure, all right?
Danny: Tell me that!
Ash: All right, now, you grab the knees of your jumpsuit and you lean forward. Go on.
[Danny adopts this position]
Danny: Like that?
Ash: Further. [Danny bends over more. Mickey looks quizzical] That's it, good. Yeah. Stick your head between your legs.
Stacie: And you kiss your ass goodbye.
[Mickey snorts. Danny is not impressed]

Would a 3 (Torchwood)/4 (Sherlock) crossover work?
- There already is at least one, and with Mycroft's government position it's not unlikely at all that Sherlock and John could come into contact with the Torchwood team. From what I recall, the fic isn't quite as good as the Hustle/Sherlock crossover, but about equal to the Hustle/Torchwood one.

Pair two characters in 1 (Hustle) that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.
- I seem to be the ONLY one who ships Ash/Mickey, so I guess I'll go with that. I don't find it unlikely though!

Has 5 (Charmed) inspired you in any way?
- I was really into Charmed while I was in lower secondary school, on the tail end of my massive fantasy obsession. I may have read a couple of books about the witch-hunts because of this show, but otherwise, I don't think so.

Overall, which show has a better cast: 2 (ST:TOS) or 4 (Sherlock)?
- Due to the sheer amount of cheese in the 70's, definitely Sherlock.

Which has better theme music: 3 (Torchwood) or 5 (Charmed)?
- Charmed! Torchwood's theme is weird and noisy, while anyone can sing along to "How Soon Is Now":)


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